Lazerformalyde Side Effects

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  1. link Mwh
    Lazerformalyde plantar warts, podiatrist, wart, mosaic, medication
    I was prescribed this medication by my podiatrist for mosaic style plantar warts. Began applying Lazerformaldehyde nightly. No discomfort upon application at first, but experienced severe burning of my foot upon application as applications continued. - 48% more...
    Mwh- over a year ago - in Lazerformalyde
  2. link Colinj0818
    Just wanted to say that I just had my first treatment of lazerformalyde. My feet feel very hot but I refuse to look at them I just returned back to work after the treatment at the podiatrists office. I have had lazer surgery to relieve my symptoms of - 59% more...
    Colinj0818- over a year ago - in Lazerformalyde
  3. link Cherylkight
    none yet, want to know about side effects-short term and long term before using lazerformalyde
    Cherylkight- over a year ago - in Lazerformalyde
  4. link Sanskev
    lazerformalyde solution
    Has anyone tried lazerformalyde and if so, what were your results?
    Sanskev- over a year ago - in Lazerformalyde
  5. link Dbanders
    How is Lazerformalyde used in conjunction with other therapies in the treatment of Plantar Warts?
    Dbanders- over a year ago - in Lazerformalyde