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  1. link Haroldssamuels
    coumadin / jantoven problems
    while i start using jantoven, can i alternate with coumadin? is there any problem taking coumadin & jantoven simultaneously?
    Haroldssamuels- over a year ago - in Jantoven
  2. link Geezeroni
    Discontinuing Jantoven
    Can it be suddenly discontinued or is it best to cut dosage gradually? I had AF but underwent a successful cardioversion 3 months ago.
    Geezeroni- over a year ago - in Jantoven
  3. link Jkorun
    Jantoven differences
    Does Jantoven differ from Coumadin or generic warfarin formulations? K.
    Jkorun- over a year ago - in Jantoven
  4. link Buzzard13
    arthritis releif remedy while taking jantoven
    what medication can I take that is compatible with Jantoven for arthritis pain specifically in my wrist?
    Buzzard13- over a year ago - in Jantoven
  5. link Bonniemillertn
    Jantoven vs. Coumadin
    Is there any problem with substituting jantoven for coumadin? The pharmacist recently refilled my 84 year old mother's coumadin prescription with jant - 4% more...
    Bonniemillertn- over a year ago - 10 Replies - in Jantoven
  6. link Oyola
    Any difference between Jantoven and or Coumadin?
    Is there a chemical or systemic difference btween Coumadin and Jantoven?
    Oyola- over a year ago - in Jantoven
  7. link Satinbeauty
    labatory test
    should you get PT-INR while taking this medication and if not what would be and indication to gt tested
    Satinbeauty- over a year ago - in Jantoven
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