Ibuprofen Side Effects

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  1. link Ajamespomo
    Ibuprofen and benadryl
    Can u take ibuprofen with benadryl?
    Ajamespomo- over a year ago - in Ibuprofen
  2. link Mindfield12
    reactions/side effects when paired with other pain killers
    what are the risks involved when mixing ibuprofen with hydrcodone?
    Mindfield12- over a year ago - in Ibuprofen
  3. link Stannolan
    Ibuprofen blood in bowel movements, disc protrusion, blood in bowel, vicodon, bowel movements
    I was prescribed this for lower back disc protrusion it worked well at 800 mg twice daily and my heartburn got really bad and doctor said other symptoms indicate blood in bowel movements I liked this until then as it helped my grinding knee too when - 11% more...
    Stannolan- over a year ago - in Ibuprofen
  4. link Diamond89
    active ingrediants
    is there any acetaminophen in any ibuprofen pills
    Diamond89- over a year ago - in Ibuprofen
  5. link Loretta12544
    any wheat in ibuprofen?
    Is there any wheat product in ibuprofen?
    Loretta12544- over a year ago - in Ibuprofen
  6. link Jabadya
    Ibuprofen stomach ache, knee pain, runny nose, allergic reactions, chest pain
    I have been getting allergic reactions to ibuprofen..(so it seems) Every time i play tournaments in soccer i get knee pain so i take an ibuprofen to ease the pain...though when i take it , it causes me even more trouble it starts with a long stomach - 41% more...
    Jabadya- over a year ago - in Ibuprofen
  7. link Yellowdaisy
    Ibuprofen diarrhea, stomach, period of time, medication
    I am prescribed 600 mgs every 8 hours for pain. It is quite effective but not very effective for EXTREME pain like I experience, so I often have to take a little more than prescribed every 8 hours. I have noticed that it gives me diarrhea and upsets - 52% more...
    Yellowdaisy- over a year ago - in Ibuprofen
  8. link Rick33
    stomach pain
    i was in a car wreck in 2000. i have been taking ibuprofen everyday since. my question is i get an upset stomach from time to time, with it i vomit sometimes it bothers me for a day or two. when i vomit its like the coffee grounds that i have heard a - 26% more...
    Rick33- over a year ago - in Ibuprofen
  9. link Arethajames
    Ibuprofen diarrhea, inflamation, length of time, ibuprofen
    Has anyone experienced diarrhea while taking Ibuprofen
    Arethajames- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Ibuprofen
  10. link Emma0090
    Yes,I have experienced diarrhea while taking ibuprofen. Everytime I have taken ibuprofen for any length of time it happens. It is a great drug for relieving pain from inflamation. However, I cannot take it. I wish I could but it causes me terrific pa - 2% more...
    Emma0090- over a year ago
  11. link Dornab
    Ibuprofen upper stomach pain, third molars, pain relief medication, stomach problem, gastrointestinal problems
    Two days ago I took out my third molars (wisdom teeth), afterwards I took a prescription strength 600mg Ibuprofen with no side effects. I took another pill 6 hours later, and I have been having the worst upper stomach pain, much worse than the tooth - 84% more...
    Dornab- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Ibuprofen
  12. link Cmneste
    About 2 years ago, I had a very similar thing happen to me. I had fractured my hip, and the pain meds my doc had given me weren't helping...so he prescribed morephine tabs for me. I also had a slight sinus infection at the time, and he prescribed zit - 82% more...
    Cmneste- over a year ago
  13. link Jcw_sr
    Ibuprofen whats in it
    Does Ibuprofen have any Aspirin in it
    Jcw_sr- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Ibuprofen
  14. link Lsbpharmd98
    It does not contain aspirin, but it is structurally similar to aspirin. If you are allergic to or have reasons to not take aspirin, you should also avoid ibuprofen and other anti-inflammtories, such as naproxen, ketoprofen, ketorolac, diclofenac, oxa - 27% more...
    Lsbpharmd98- over a year ago
  15. link Crystalthacker
    Have a very painful toothache
    If I took (3) 500mg Ibuprofen tablets at 12 p.m. When can I take my 500 mg Hydrocodone tablets.
    Crystalthacker- over a year ago - in Ibuprofen
  16. link Shaashaa
    ibuprofen 800mg
    im having some teeth pulled in 4 days . is ibuprofen 800 the saim thing as aspirin?
    Shaashaa- over a year ago - in Ibuprofen
  17. link Dotvanjan
    Ibuprofen 600 prescription drug
    I would like to know the different drug companies that make this drug and pictures if possible.
    Dotvanjan- over a year ago - in Ibuprofen
  18. link Tamucat5
    Occasional or regular taking of ibuprofen ?
    I imagine the answer to this is that regular use of ibuprofen leads to a cumulative anti-inflammatory base. I have long-standing osteo-arthritis and two joints replaced (with stiffness). Just dropped Celebrex, found ibuprofen best in the past...am ta - 44% more...
    Tamucat5- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Ibuprofen
  19. link Reese99
    Hello Blanche, There are some drug interactions that you have to consider. When Ibuprofen is taken with Plavix, it MAY cause an increased risk of bleeding. It can also decrease the effectiveness of your blood pressure pill (Diovan). If you plan on ta - 70% more...
    Reese99- over a year ago
  20. link Mchicago5
    Mchicago5- over a year ago - in Ibuprofen
  21. link Trnity
    Ibuprofen watery eyes, red eyes, running nose, advil, tylenol
    well I seem to be allergic to both tylenol and advil.. is anyone else feeling wheezing, red eyes, watery eyes and watery running nose?
    Trnity- over a year ago - in Ibuprofen
  22. link Dianne
    Ibuprofen blood pressure, ibuprophen
    Any relationship between ibuprophen and elevated blood pressure?
    Dianne- over a year ago - in Ibuprofen
  23. link Swoodman
    I would like to know the side effects of taking 800 Mil. of Ibuprofen 3X day.
    Swoodman- over a year ago - in Ibuprofen
  24. link Marann1960
    Ibuprofen dry eyes, keratitis
    any relation between ibuprofen and dry eyes/keratitis?
    Marann1960- over a year ago - in Ibuprofen
  25. link Michael
    On Taking Food With Ibuprofen and Other NSAIDS
    Greetings, I understand that the risk of GI bleeding from this drug (and class of drugs) is due to the combined effect of reducing platelet aggregation and blocking of the COX-1 enzyme which normally is involved in formation of materials that protect - 52% more...
    Michael- over a year ago - in Ibuprofen