Hyzaar Side Effects

Side effects and experiences with Hyzaar by users like you. Post Yours Now.
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    Benadams201- 11 months ago - in Hyzaar
  2. link Bonnie915
    Hyzaar hip pain, sleep, bad hip
    bad leg pains. Anyone else have that problem.
    Bonnie915- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Hyzaar
  3. link Cynthiafromreno
    Very bad hip pain at night while trying to sleep. Anyone else have this?
    Cynthiafromreno- over a year ago
  4. link Cambiregrable
    Hyzaar energy level, low energy
    lethargic, depressed, low energy level.
    Cambiregrable- over a year ago - in Hyzaar
  5. link Snowlady
    Hyzaar memory loss, bad memory, leg pain, foot cramps, potassium intake
    my side effects are leg pain, bad memory loss
    Snowlady- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Hyzaar
  6. link Clawshe
    just stopped hyzaar because of really bad pain in my calves and back of knees (tendons) as well as muscle aches in my back and arms. Also had foot cramps although I managed potassium intake. Feeling much better without it.
    Clawshe- over a year ago
  7. link Pwjenke
    Hyzaar toprol, little time, beats, extra beats, stress testing
    A little time after I started taking Hyzaar. my heart started missing beats. Sometimes as many as 15 times per minute. My Dr. gave me Toprol, which helped it a little, but did not clear it up. Anybody have this problem?
    Pwjenke- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Hyzaar
  8. link Ggmsmolly
    That is a common side effect of the Hyzaar. I am tired of taking medicine that is suppose to be good for me when I have such dibelitating side effects.
    Ggmsmolly- over a year ago
  9. link Toniseddo
    yes... i am 52 and had palpitations or extra beat as my dr. said for 2 yrs. I had echo-ekg-stress testing and 2 holitor monitors and they said i have a leaky valve and extra beats, take toprol 25mg 2x a day.Since then i still have extra beats at leas - 23% more...
    Toniseddo- over a year ago
  10. link Jimmdl123
    weight gain
    what does hyzaar have in it that caused weight gain
    Jimmdl123- over a year ago - in Hyzaar
  11. link Jstrom
    Hyzaar noticeable effects, blood pressure, headaches, great deal, money
    The only thing I can honestly say is that my blood pressure has dropped from 190/150 down to 120/70 with no other noticeable effects. Oh, I no longer get headaches either. It does cost a great deal of money though.
    Jstrom- over a year ago - in Hyzaar
  12. link Danay.williams2
    Hyzaar sore joints, body aches, lightheaded
    I've been taking Hyzaar for a little over a year 100/25 and have been experiencing sore joints. My body aches all over. I've forgotten to take it for days sometimes and the aches stop but I get lightheaded-that's what makes me remember that I forgot - 14% more...
    Danay.williams2- over a year ago - in Hyzaar
  13. link Pinoemma
    Hyzaar low libido, hormones
    low level hormones, low libido
    Pinoemma- over a year ago - in Hyzaar
  14. link Guest204
    I would like to know some of the side effects of this medication. It has helped bring my blood pressure down, and I'd like to know of any side effects to look for.
    Guest204- over a year ago - in Hyzaar
  15. link Mrsi0308
    hyzaar and weight gain
    I have been on hyzaar for 3 months and have gained almost 15 pounds and I am exercising and have tried to loss the weight but with no results. my doctor doesn't think this medicine is why I'm gaining weight. Any ideas? Please help I'm geeting despera - 2% more...
    Mrsi0308- over a year ago - in Hyzaar
  16. link Theodore
    Hyzaar ankles
    swallon ankles
    Theodore- over a year ago - in Hyzaar
  17. link Thar_5507
    Hyzaar sexual libido
    Decrease in sexual libido.
    Thar_5507- over a year ago - in Hyzaar