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  1. link Vsant
    I'm a vegan and have been prescribed hemax. Every time I take it, I belch, and the belch tastes like salmon (not tuna, or any other fish--but salmon s - 49% more...
    Vsant- over a year ago - in Hemax
  2. link Looking
    about hemax
    Hi there I need to buy Hemax where can I get it in Canada . And how much is it? Please help . Urgent. Thank's.
    Looking- over a year ago - in Hemax
  3. link Bxlarry
    Hemax substitute
    Can I substitute Vitamin C and an Iron supplement instead of Hemax
    Bxlarry- over a year ago - in Hemax
  4. link Mita
    What does it have.
    I would like to know the vitamins and minerals that Hemax has. I take vitamins and I don't want to duplicate them. For example I take 1000mg of Vitami - 69% more...
    Mita- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Hemax
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