Glucophage Side Effects

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  1. link Shirleen
    I have been taking glucophage for over a month since I was diagnosed with PCOS, is it likely to give false positive results on home pregnancy test.
    Shirleen- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Glucophage
  2. link 777
    There are many natural products for high blood sugar issues . . . instead of taking drugs that cause side effects.
    777- over a year ago
  3. link Mikerri
    Glucophage and liver enzymes
    Do you have to be blood tested for enzyme levels with Glucophage?
    Mikerri- over a year ago - in Glucophage
  4. link Turfnurse
    Miss Ruthie
    Is there a specific time that Glucophage should be taken? i.e. just before a meal, one hour before a meal, half way through a meal or does it hurt to take it after a meal (in case you forget to take at one of the times mentioned above)? Thank you
    Turfnurse- over a year ago - in Glucophage
  5. link Weisgrp
    Glucophage projectile vomit, extreme sleepiness, loss of appetite, blurred vision, sweets
    I have not had blurred vision, but I do get extreme sleepiness and unable to concentrate enough to work. I also find a loss of appetite except for sweets. If I eat enough, I don't projectile vomit, but it inhibits me from eating much. Never been able - 24% more...
    Weisgrp- over a year ago - in Glucophage
  6. link Mommykarla
    Glucophage diabetes nurse educator, diabetes drugs, cause weight gain, mild nausea, type 2 diabetic
    I take Metformin extended release, and I would recommend it to anyone having trouble with side effects. My diabetes nurse educator says she wishes doctors wouldn't prescribe the regular version anymore. The extended release version is supposed to be - 66% more...
    Mommykarla- over a year ago - in Glucophage
  7. link Friend2animals66
    Glucophage cough cough, naseua, extreme feelings, good medicine, stomache
    I started taking Glucophage about 2 months ago. The first 2 to 3 weeks were hell... as far as the no appetite, dirreaha, and extreme feelings of naseua goes. But I stuck with it...thanks to a little herbal remedying of my own... cough cough... I was - 68% more...
    Friend2animals66- over a year ago - in Glucophage
  8. link Rozzhopp
    Glucophage avandia, weight gain
    i was diagnosed a year ago. started taking glucophage and avandia. major weight gain!!!. today,11/6/06 i stopped taking the avandia,as per my doc's approval. she said i should start to be able to lose some poundage!
    Rozzhopp- over a year ago - in Glucophage
  9. link Thompson0602
    Glucophage experience weight loss, losing weight
    I started taking glucophage since 06-06, a few months ago and my bloodsugars have decreased tremendoulsly and my only concern is the weight loss with in the last 4months around 12 pounds. Will i eventually stop losing weight...I don't want to get too - 19% more...
    Thompson0602- over a year ago - in Glucophage
  10. link Lola
    Glucophage sour stomach, stomach upset, junkyard dog, metformin, diarehha
    I took my first tablet with evening meal, the next in the am. with breakfast, and by then had a "sour stomach". By noon I was gassy and stomach upset. I had been eating rolaids all day and night before. I took another metformin with dinner, - 65% more...
    Lola- over a year ago - in Glucophage
  11. link Lwinters
    Glucophage blurry vision, sleepiness
    Can glucophage cause blurry vision or sleepiness?
    Lwinters- over a year ago - in Glucophage
  12. link Swjj_4
    Glucophage urine smell
    This med makes my urine smell as bad as the med smells. Why is this?
    Swjj_4- over a year ago - in Glucophage
  13. link Sh46970
    Glucophage foot ankle, diaherra, thighs
    diaherra and cramping.foot, ankle to thighs........
    Sh46970- over a year ago - in Glucophage
  14. link Sozias
    Glucophage restroom
    Sozias- over a year ago - in Glucophage
  15. link Jerlaws2
    Glucophage glucovance, poop, pee
    i have just switch from glucovance to glucophage!! the only side affect i can tell it makes me pee alot!!!! it also makesmy poop dark!!!! is this a normal sideaffect
    Jerlaws2- over a year ago - in Glucophage
  16. link Usersmth5167
    Glucophage unexplained weight gain, thyroid
    I have been on Glucophage for 5 months and have put on 12 pounds. Since most of my complaints were of this "unexplained weight gain" I stopped taking them. I feel my problem is more my thyroid.
    Usersmth5167- over a year ago - in Glucophage
  17. link Summes1950
    Glucophage upset stomach
    I have very upset stomach and vomitating. I have been on it a month 2tablets am and 2 pm 500 mg each.
    Summes1950- over a year ago - in Glucophage
  18. link Lorelei-kenneth
    glucophage, it's uses, side affects and long term problems
    I want to know everythinig about Glucophage. Most importantly, it's long term affects.
    Lorelei-kenneth- over a year ago - in Glucophage