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  1. link Shirleen
    I have been taking glucophage for over a month since I was diagnosed with PCOS, is it likely to give false positive results on home pregnancy test.
    Shirleen- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Glucophage
  2. link Mikerri
    Glucophage and liver enzymes
    Do you have to be blood tested for enzyme levels with Glucophage?
    Mikerri- over a year ago - in Glucophage
  3. link Turfnurse
    Miss Ruthie
    Is there a specific time that Glucophage should be taken? i.e. just before a meal, one hour before a meal, half way through a meal or does it hurt to - 40% more...
    Turfnurse- over a year ago - in Glucophage
  4. link Weisgrp
    Glucophage projectile vomit, extreme sleepiness, loss of appetite, blurred vision, sweets
    I have not had blurred vision, but I do get extreme sleepiness and unable to concentrate enough to work. I also find a loss of appetite except for swe - 55% more...
    Weisgrp- over a year ago - in Glucophage
  5. link Mommykarla
    Glucophage diabetes nurse educator, diabetes drugs, cause weight gain, mild nausea, type 2 diabetic
    I take Metformin extended release, and I would recommend it to anyone having trouble with side effects. My diabetes nurse educator says she wishes doc - 80% more...
    Mommykarla- over a year ago - in Glucophage
  6. link Friend2animals66
    Glucophage cough cough, naseua, extreme feelings, good medicine, stomache
    I started taking Glucophage about 2 months ago. The first 2 to 3 weeks were hell... as far as the no appetite, dirreaha, and extreme feelings of naseu - 81% more...
    Friend2animals66- over a year ago - in Glucophage
  7. link Rozzhopp
    Glucophage avandia, weight gain
    i was diagnosed a year ago. started taking glucophage and avandia. major weight gain!!!. today,11/6/06 i stopped taking the avandia,as per my doc's ap - 31% more...
    Rozzhopp- over a year ago - in Glucophage
  8. link Thompson0602
    Glucophage experience weight loss, losing weight
    I started taking glucophage since 06-06, a few months ago and my bloodsugars have decreased tremendoulsly and my only concern is the weight loss with - 51% more...
    Thompson0602- over a year ago - in Glucophage
  9. link Lola
    Glucophage sour stomach, stomach upset, junkyard dog, metformin, diarehha
    I took my first tablet with evening meal, the next in the am. with breakfast, and by then had a "sour stomach". By noon I was gassy and stom - 79% more...
    Lola- over a year ago - in Glucophage
  10. link Lwinters
    Glucophage blurry vision, sleepiness
    Can glucophage cause blurry vision or sleepiness?
    Lwinters- over a year ago - in Glucophage
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