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  1. link Fancimiss10
    Waiting period between each.
    How long after taking my Salbutamol aerosol puffer do I take Flovent aerosol puffer? It is 125mcg for my asthma and allergies. I have forgotten what d - 22% more...
    Fancimiss10- over a year ago - in Flovent
  2. link Megc
    side effect
    Has anyone experienced bruising as a side effect from flovent?
    Megc- over a year ago - in Flovent
  3. link Dewdette
    Flovent and Influenza
    I have a 2 year old on Flovent. Does anyone know if Flovent helps or hurts people who get the Flu? Given the recent outbreak of the new H1N1 "swi - 43% more...
    Dewdette- over a year ago - in Flovent
  4. link Lucillefarh
    Flovent inhaled steroids, oral steroids, asthma inhaler, cognitive issues, memory issues
    I have taken this medication for years (in long stretches). I was not aware of some of the serious side effects not just with this drug but with corti - 84% more...
    Lucillefarh- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Flovent
  5. link Patriciagutierrez57
    Flovent 110 Inhaler
    Does Flovent HFA 110 MCG inhalergsk, for a person with controlled high blood pressure (taking medication for high blood pressure) will increase your b - 34% more...
    Patriciagutierrez57- over a year ago - in Flovent
  6. link 05angel
    Flovent singular side effects, sleeplessness, behavior problems, restlessness, trial and error
    My three year old son has been on Flovent since he was two, he has been showing signs of restlessness, aggression, sleeplessness and other behavior pr - 76% more...
    05angel- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Flovent
  7. link Bilamanda
    Flovent natural supplement, sinuses, asthma, allergies
    We have been gradually decreasing my son off of Flovent because of the side effects and have found a natural supplement that works amazingly well for - 55% more...
    Bilamanda- over a year ago - in Flovent
  8. link Mc08sc
    Irritability and tantrums for a 2 yr. old on flovent
    My son is almost 2 yrs. old and has been on Flovent for about 4 weeks now. Since then he has become highly irritable and has unworldly tantrums, usual - 68% more...
    Mc08sc- over a year ago - in Flovent
  9. link Vanessa74
    Flovent flovent hfa, acid reflux, pulmonologist, upper chest, flovent
    How do you know if you are on to high of a does of Flovent? I was on (2) puffs of Flovent HFA 110 Mg in the morning. I developed some breathing issues - 73% more...
    Vanessa74- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Flovent
  10. link Lbs
    Sleepless nights for 3yr old?
    We've been monitoring our son's behavior while on flovent to help prevent asthma attacks and very frequent bouts of croup. Seems like when we do 2 puf - 70% more...
    Lbs- over a year ago - in Flovent
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