Fiorinal Side Effects

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  1. link Leni66
    othe uses for this px
    I was prescribed this directly after experiencing a severe car wreck. However, since then, I have hada great deal of problems renewing my PX. What do I do?
    Leni66- over a year ago - in Fiorinal
  2. link Christel1
    effect of capsule versus tablet?
    I experience a weaker effect of the capsule versus the tablet. Why is that?It seems to me that the capsule is less effective.
    Christel1- over a year ago - in Fiorinal
  3. link Hope_beck
    but/asa/caf/cod = fiorinal w/cod @ soma
    do you have to have a prescription do you take medicare do you have access to a Dr. & does he need my files do you have an e-mail address thanks
    Hope_beck- over a year ago - in Fiorinal
  4. link Mgodlove2
    Mgodlove2- over a year ago - in Fiorinal
  5. link Chenwil2000
    Fiorinal food colouring, migraine, rash
    After tablets have been discontinued, experiencing rash and intensifying of migraine...related to food colouring ???
    Chenwil2000- over a year ago - in Fiorinal
  6. link Eryn81
    Fiorinal anti inflammatory drugs, nsaids, fiornal, million times, hives
    I have been allergic to NSAIDS for some time now, but my Dr prescribed Fiornal for headaches related to MS. I asked him a million times if this was ok to take because of my allergies and he said it would be fine. Well, I ended up in the emergency roo - 38% more...
    Eryn81- over a year ago - in Fiorinal