Fentanyl Side Effects

Side effects and experiences with Fentanyl by users like you. Post Yours Now.
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  2. link Pilly

    clever way of reducing the patch. I will be starting the process at 100 mcg this week and I think I will do it this way. Thanks! I also will be coming off of two different Oxy's at the same time. It's not going to be fun.
    Pilly- over a year ago - in Fentanyl
  3. link Spiritfinder321
    Fentanyl opiate, surgeries, prozac, glue, pills
    O.k.- My Life with Fentanyl. It's 1:30 a.m. where I live and I am awake. That should speak for 1 HORRIBLE side effect. I started 25mg in April 2009. up to 75mg now. Well, I AM GOING CRAZY. I even started Prozac to try and get my life back. At first, - 90% more...
    Spiritfinder321- over a year ago - 4 Replies - in Fentanyl
  4. link Pilly
    I am on 100 mcg of fentanyl patch along with 30mg extended release Oxycontin 2 x a day and 5mg of Oxycodone for breakthrough. I have abdominal pain due to scar adhesions caused by a 30 hour leak of bile from my stomach. I will be weaning off all thre - 63% more...
    Pilly- over a year ago
  5. link Brooksie9921
    Hi, have just found this site and seen your post I am pretty new to replying to any one actually never replied before as only recently started spending time on computer. I honestly thought I have been going off my head, I have had every body treating - 82% more...
    Brooksie9921- over a year ago
  6. link Graszhopper
    Going through same thing!!!! Ever want to talk e-mail me at hulsey.april@yahoo.com. This is a nightmare beyond words! Thank God he is there for us!!!!!!!
    Graszhopper- over a year ago
  7. link Shadow4sh
    Yes, I have extreme abdomial pain and throw up regularly, hot flashes. But I was switched from Morphine pump to the Fetanyl pump, It has been downhill ever since. No life for me either. Bobby G
    Shadow4sh- over a year ago
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    i supply great quantity of fentanyl patches for quick pain relief and also fentanyl lollipops for children, any once interested contact me at talk2_isidore@yahoo.com
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  9. link Foffa
    my beautiful dream followed by months of madness
    strted weaning off deuragesic march 2009 on good friday 2009 at 5 40am fell asleep awoke at 6 10am after amazing dream of heaven over nxt 4 months came off 150mcg cold turkey all the way. cracked up but got no psyche help disability and assoc probs 1 - 15% more...
    Foffa- over a year ago - in Fentanyl
  10. link Jskok
    Confusion and Short Term Memory Loss
    I couldn't remember a conversation that just took place and would have trouble focusing on the conversation. I actually was driving to work one morning and consciously woke up stopped in the middle of the road and don't know why. I returned home and - 71% more...
    Jskok- over a year ago - in Fentanyl
  11. link 4memory
    Memory loss
    I told my Doctor about my wife's short term memory loss and he said it was due to the 75 Fentanyl patch. He then wrote prescription for 50 Fentanyl patch. Would this be true?? Will the patch create memory loss??
    4memory- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Fentanyl
  12. link Lshodges
    I don't know about studies done or anything but I can tell you that since I have been on the 50 fentanyl patches, my short term memory has failed me repeatedly. My brother-in-law has lymphoma and has also been on fentanyl... he swears that's what is - 30% more...
    Lshodges- over a year ago
  13. link Robinscs
    fentanyl memory loss
    Is memory loss as a side of fentanyl permanent?
    Robinscs- over a year ago - in Fentanyl
  14. link Willowmyst
    Fentanyl chronic intractable pain, ortho mcneil, pain meds, med one, jannsen
    I was in an auto accident in May 2004, and have had 2 cervical fusions one in 2004 the other in 2007, Any how I have been on 250mcg. Fentanyl transdremal patch (2-100mcg. patches and 1-50mcg patch) as well as 30mg Morphine IR every 4 hrs for breakthr - 87% more...
    Willowmyst- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Fentanyl
  15. link Mharlan
    How do you get the dressing covers from J & J to keep the patch on? Do you get them via the company? I wear a 75mcg patch, which is a lg one, and nothing OTC covers them, so I use surgical adhesive tape. Thanks :) Mon
    Mharlan- over a year ago
  16. link Hmaura4
    Fentanyl fentynal patch, withdrawl, fentayl, pain and misery, withdrawels
    I need to know any side effectsand symptoms of stopping the FENTYNAL Patch for 5-6 months of constane use. Thank you
    Hmaura4- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Fentanyl
  17. link Sulton4
    I was on 150 fentayl for 6 plus years-I weaned myself off because ofwithdrawels off them and didn't want to up my patch!I thought it was time to GET OFF THEM-THAT WAS 10 DAYS AGO-WEW-Legs are weak I am weak everywhere.Anyway we should have all new th - 44% more...
    Sulton4- over a year ago
  18. link Urbanallen
    Fentanyl esophegus, lean cuisine, puking, endoscopy, headaches
    Just had an emergency endoscopy of my esophagus to clear some Lean Cuisine spaghetti that got stuck. They gave me fentanyl and in my second day, I have puked twice, not fun. Bad headaches, laying down hurts more.... Puking does make the headaches fee - 12% more...
    Urbanallen- over a year ago - in Fentanyl
  19. link Danishangel
    Can I handle this?
    I am not currently on an opioid but I know for a FACT I am opioid tolerant...can handle about 20 vicodin per day...can I use a fentanyl 75 mcg patch? My back pain just flared up....can I handle it? A.
    Danishangel- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Fentanyl
  20. link Disablednurse
    I understand back pain,believe me. I had spinal surgery and was given fentanyl for post-op pain. I felt horrible. I removed the patch(25mcg),cleaned and dried my arm and STILL spent 10 hours throwing up and a pounding headache from the drug. Please t - 64% more...
    Disablednurse- over a year ago
  21. link Enoughalready
    I feel bad about answering this because only YOU know if you can handle it--To me, the less is usually better--Hope you are feeling better since your post.
    Enoughalready- over a year ago
  22. link Cg9340
    I feel like I have the flu just in my muscles no fever?
    I was in a car wreck and have been on different meds for 15 years the pain patch seemed to work great for a while, but I am experiencing muscle pain mainly in legs some in arms did not know if this is a symptom of Fentanyl or if I had something else - 51% more...
    Cg9340- over a year ago - in Fentanyl
  23. link Clementinecook
    fentanyl dosage
    what does the mcg mean? Is the mcg less than a milligram,?
    Clementinecook- over a year ago - in Fentanyl
  24. link Onismommy
    Fentanyl talking in my sleep, vivid dreams, interuptions, dream land, chronic pain
    Insomnia and Vivid Dreams I was just prescribed the transdermal film of Fentanyl. I have chronic pain and I am very happy to announce that after 12 hours wearing the patch I am not hurting as bad, in fact, my pain levels are very tolerable. But I wen - 78% more...
    Onismommy- over a year ago - in Fentanyl
  25. link Mimityk27
    Fentanyl lower back surgery, norco, legs
    I haven't had any side effects because I just got the patch.But after reading all these side effects I don't think I should put it on.I had lower back surgery almost 2 years ago,the pain is too much for me.The other problem I have is my legs.For abou - 30% more...
    Mimityk27- over a year ago - in Fentanyl
  26. link Eljo_2009

    Hi i was on the Fentanyl patch for 5 years and i was on 125mgc every 48 hours.In Sept.8 2009 I was down to 12mgc every 48 hours it was really hard but that morning i want to the doctor and I decide that it was not taking the pain away anymore and the - 73% more...
    Eljo_2009- over a year ago - in Fentanyl