Estrogens Side Effects

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  1. link Redlamp
    Low Estrogen
    I'm 29 & haven't had a period for over 5 years. Recent blood tests show I have very low estrogen levels & I've been referred to a GYN. As well as having no periods, I suffer from anxiety attacks, irritability, difficulty concentrating & m - 40% more...
    Redlamp- over a year ago - in Estrogens
  2. link Bettyv
    Estrogen Dominance
    I have read an article stating that an estrogen-progesterone imbalance can be one of the causes of micropolicycstic ovaries and hairloss. My daughter who is 21 is experiencing both and we have visited many doctors and no one seems to be able to ident - 28% more...
    Bettyv- over a year ago - in Estrogens