Estradiol Side Effects

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  1. link Shirleydent
    Estradiol estratest, hot flashes, pcp, weight gain
    i was on estratest for years, and recently my pcp switched me to estradiol. i am experiencing itching, weight gain, and hot flashes.
    Shirleydent- over a year ago - in Estradiol
  2. link Donna8804
    Estradiol hysterectomy, ankles, medication, memory, total hysterectomy
    I have confusion.Difficulty speaking certain words.Memory seems altered.I have been using the tablets of estradiol for almost a year My problems seem to be increasing in severity. I use this medication due to hysterectomy. I am 47 years old.I also wa - 28% more...
    Donna8804- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Estradiol
  3. link Mystifyk
    I have had the same experience with estradiol and other similar HRT meds. I have also had a lot of swelling in my calves too. I also found out the hard way that these medications can cause gallbladder disease. I had mine removed in Dec after three ye - 50% more...
    Mystifyk- over a year ago
  4. link Sherylbye
    weight gain
    does anyone think that Estradiol causes weight gain?
    Sherylbye- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Estradiol
  5. link Reese99
    It can. Estradiol can either cause weight gain or weight loss in different people but the frequency at which it occurs is not defined.
    Reese99- over a year ago
  6. link Pwood
    Estradiol whack, headache
    When I skip a dose or two - like on the weekends when my schedule is out of whack - I get a bad headache.
    Pwood- over a year ago - in Estradiol
  7. link Swood44
    Estradiol tanning bed, hystorectomy
    When I use the tanning bed, I start to itch all over and several people have told me that it may be the estradiol pills that I take on a daily basis for hystorectomy three years ago. Is this the cause of the itching or could it be from something else - 1% more...
    Swood44- over a year ago - in Estradiol