Epidrin Side Effects

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  1. link Baryj
    Two different drugists tell me this drug is no longer being manufactured, and thus CANNOT fill my Rx !!! HELP!!!
    Baryj- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Epidrin
  2. link Kehinkel@yahoo.com
    My primary care physician, looked up midren on her phone that she ueses to look up different medications & told me she couldn't find Midren, she also explained to me that she had no idea what Midren is, & that she will research the drug and l - 59% more...
    Kehinkel@yahoo.com- over a year ago
  3. link Swoz
    Thin blood
    Does Epidrin thin the blood like asprin?
    Swoz- over a year ago - in Epidrin
  4. link Datkgreen
    caffeine in epidrin
    Is there caffeine in Epidrin
    Datkgreen- over a year ago - in Epidrin
  5. link Datkgreen
    non caffeine user
    Is there caffeine in Epidrin?
    Datkgreen- over a year ago - in Epidrin
  6. link Lgray1911
    Epidrin throbbing head pain, excedrin migraine, migraine headaches, cluster headaches, eye socket
    I suffer form migraine headaches as well. The Doctor diagnosed me with a condition called "Cluster Headaches". Meaning they come in clusters. They come for a while a leave for a while. No cure, just try relieve the headache. In the past I t - 81% more...
    Lgray1911- over a year ago - in Epidrin
  7. link Matthewsi
    Epidrin dark coffee, excist, starbucks, euphoria, blood vessels
    There was no any medicine excist in this world to heal and releaf the headache that I've been having and suffering for 5 years, "a baaaad headache" I mean the worst headache a mankind can get, even worse that migraine.then my doctor perscri - 83% more...
    Matthewsi- over a year ago - in Epidrin
  8. link Blueyes122
    Epidrin migraines, migraine medication, classic migraine, midrin, ergotamine
    My 14-Year-old daughter has very large bruising on both legs after taking this med for three days. This bruising was NOT from any injury, as she was bed-ridden from her migraines.
    Blueyes122- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Epidrin
  9. link Notirebasura
    Midrin works for my migraines. I hate the way it makes me feel and it doesn't avert all of the pain but it's tolerable when you consider the alternative is suffering through a classic migraine. I have never had success with any other migraine medicat - 44% more...
    Notirebasura- over a year ago
  10. link Lishav
    Epidrin ringing in the ears, dizzyness, few days
    I have been taking this drug for a little over a year. The last few months I have had loud ringing in the ears, dizziness, and light headedness for a few days after taking the drug. I kind of feel like I'm hung over or something. I also get bruises o - 18% more...
    Lishav- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Epidrin
  11. link Booder
    does it contain Butalbital
    do either Epidrin or Midrin contail Butalbital?
    Booder- over a year ago - in Epidrin
  12. link Sherhart
    Epidrin leg cramps, several times, restless leg syndrome, midrin, natural supplement
    Awaken several times during the night with terrible leg cramps.
    Sherhart- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Epidrin
  13. link Rachpaige
    Those leg cramps are restless leg syndrome. If you have to take Epidrin/Midrin on a regular basis, you can check with your doctor about a medication specifically to help with the restless leg. Also, I've found a natural supplement/vitamin that helps - 15% more...
    Rachpaige- over a year ago
  14. link Aroberts
    Can you take them like an hour apart
    Aroberts- over a year ago - in Epidrin
  15. link Sherhart
    Side effects
    I was just prescribed this medicine and took one before bedtime last night. I was awaken twice during the night with terrible leg cramps. Can this medication cause that?
    Sherhart- over a year ago - in Epidrin
  16. link Hart2kool
    Is it a narcotic
    I was curious if it is a narcotic. I have been told yes, but I cant find any info stating if it is or not.
    Hart2kool- over a year ago - in Epidrin
  17. link Yquarters
    would epidrin show a positive result for anphetimine in a drug test?
    could i come out positive for anphetimine in a drug test after taking his medication even if it showed just a low level of anphetimine could epidrin cause this? what about if the epidrin was taken with hydrocodone? please answer asap...thank you
    Yquarters- over a year ago - in Epidrin