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  1. link Mrcrowley
    Ephedrine lot of water, gag, coke, appetite
    I just started taking ephedrine. I like it because it suppresses my appetite like crazy, but the down side is that I literally CAN NOT eat anything... - 56% more...
    Mrcrowley- over a year ago - in Ephedrine
  2. link Laspina
    Health 36 yr old women and Ephedrine?
    I ran a 5K run and after words my face turned beet red and my eyes were swollen and red..shortness of breath..I went off of this medication for 5 mont - 46% more...
    Laspina- over a year ago - in Ephedrine
  3. link Pepe
    Ephedrine rapid heart beat, loss of appetite, insomnia, shakes
    shakes, some nausea, excited, loss of appetite (which is good), rapid heart beat or feels like my heart is beating harder than normal like it wants to - 28% more...
    Pepe- over a year ago - in Ephedrine
  4. link Svoloch_rte
    Ephedrine hydroxycut, dieters, xenadrine, bodybuilders, t3
    In small doses (24MG a day), ephedrine doesn't seem to have any significant side effects. However, when used right, it has many positive benifits, esp - 60% more...
    Svoloch_rte- over a year ago - in Ephedrine
  5. link Rosenblum.shelly
    Shortness of breath?
    Has anyone experienced a shortness of breath from Guaifen/P-Ehedrine?
    Rosenblum.shelly- over a year ago - in Ephedrine
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