Levothyroxine, also L-thyroxine, synthetic T4, or 3,5,3’,5’-tetraiodo-L-thyronine, is a synthetic form of thyroxine (thyroid hormone). The natural hormone is chemically in the L-form, as is the pharmaceutical agent. Dextrothyroxine (D-thyroxine) briefly saw research as an anticholesterol agent but was pulled due to cardiac side-effects.

The EU has recently when? standardized the use of the International Nonproprietary Name “levothyroxine” for the drug. Common brand names include Thyrax, Euthyrox, Levaxin, L-thyroxine and Eltroxin in Europe; Thyrox in South Asia; Eutirox, Levoxyl and Synthroid in North America. There are also numerous generic versions.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eltroxin

Eltroxin Discussions

  1. link Ramakanth
    eltroxin and head ache
    i am taking eltroxin since six months now i am experiencing head ache through out the day and night. it is intollerable.
    Ramakanth- over a year ago - in Eltroxin
  2. link Justemarraine
    Eltroxin synthroid, hormones, thyroid, second half
    Have been taking Synthroid for 4 years and experience itching...change to eltroxin, rashes changed place but was as bad.....please help. I have had ha - 50% more...
    Justemarraine- over a year ago - in Eltroxin
  3. link Rpoulin
    Eltroxin and calcium tablets
    I take Eltroxin at 6:00 a.m. How long must I wait before taking my calcium supplements? Thank you F.
    Rpoulin- over a year ago - in Eltroxin
  4. link Loata
    Eltroxin side effect
    Since starting Eltroxin I have experiened a very sentive throat and persistent coughing. Is this a known side effect ?
    Loata- over a year ago - in Eltroxin
  5. link Ram123
    eltroxin usage
    my tsh is 59.1. what dose should i take in eltroxin and for how many days?
    Ram123- over a year ago - in Eltroxin
  6. link Nicolaredmond
    Eltroxin psorasis, skin problems, hair loss
    hi, i have been on eltroxin 4 the last 6mths, im experiencing hair loss, and very bad skin problems e.g very very bad psoriasis.
    Nicolaredmond- over a year ago - in Eltroxin
  7. link Joanjam
    Eltroxin thyroxine, heart
    Joanjam- over a year ago - in Eltroxin
  8. link Rabia
    Eltroxin thyroxine, tsh, weight gain, thyroid, hair loss
    well im taking 50mcg for the last three months and my T4 is normal now and TSH is little bit high its 0.7 and the normal range is 0.4 Before taking th - 66% more...
    Rabia- over a year ago - in Eltroxin
  9. link Jennp
    Results on Eltroxin
    hi i have been on Eltroxin 0.05mg since February 2010 and have not seen any results,how long does it take to work or to see any changes????
    Jennp- over a year ago - in Eltroxin
  10. link Chipmonkette
    Lactose amount
    Can you tell me how much lactose is in each tablet... Thank you.
    Chipmonkette- over a year ago - in Eltroxin
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