Elavil Side Effects

Side effects and experiences with Elavil by users like you. Post Yours Now.
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    Benadams201- 3 months ago - in Elavil
  2. link Aprils51
    does elavil have benzodiazapine in it?
    Aprils51- over a year ago - in Elavil
  3. link Adavids1971
    Elavil wellbutrin xl, migraine headaches, bed time, migraines, imitrex
    I was having severe migraine headaches and my doctor prescribed a low dose of Elavil to be taken daily at bed time. I am also taking Wellbutrin XL 300 mg and I had no side effects from the Elavil but the migraines went totally away. I never had to us - 11% more...
    Adavids1971- over a year ago - in Elavil
  4. link Srmbo2
    weight gain
    is there any correlation between elavil and weight gain
    Srmbo2- over a year ago - in Elavil
  5. link Careykln
    Why does he feel like this from Elavil?
    My husband just started Elavil today and he has slept all day, feels nausea, sick to stomach, head, body aches and pains. He has a fever. To me it seems like he is getting the flu but it all started after this medication. Please somebody help me. I a - 38% more...
    Careykln- over a year ago - in Elavil
  6. link Stevets36
    long term side effects
    I have been on elavil for about 8 years and I take 10 mg a night. Have there been any reported long time side effects? I have been experiencing different symptoms for the past year and I was pondering going off of this. Seems as if I am in such a dee - 50% more...
    Stevets36- over a year ago - in Elavil
  7. link Wpagan
    Elavil and Pain
    I have had two back surgeries. Both times I was prescribed Elavil (ametryptalne) to assist indealing with pain and helping me sleep while i was in pian. I'm not depressed ( my wife thinks I'm crazy). Does anyone have any information about the connect - 53% more...
    Wpagan- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Elavil
  8. link Plewis
    I also take Elavil to help to control chronic pain and have for a number of years. While I am currently experiencing a great deal of pain due to a recent injury and back surgery, I continue to take 100 mg of Elavil along with Topomax and Lyrica. It i - 56% more...
    Plewis- over a year ago
  9. link Sponge24
    Wayne,Welcome to the backpain group of one.Only kidding.I too have severe back issues.My doctor says the only way to alleviate the problem is to go and fuse the bones in my spine.I am a single white female 50 yrs of age and in relatively good shape,I - 88% more...
    Sponge24- over a year ago
  10. link Jd3535
    Elavil month and a half, migraines, pills, long time, desire
    I was on elavil for almost three years. My doctor started me on 1 10mg pill a day and moved me up to 4 pills due to severe migraines. I started feeling like a monster and everybody was noticing it. I had no desire to do anything anymore, I had no ene - 63% more...
    Jd3535- over a year ago - in Elavil
  11. link Susang
    elavil for insomnia
    How long does it take for elavil to be effective in treating insomnia?
    Susang- over a year ago - in Elavil
  12. link Njmigraine
    Elavil horrible taste, nexium, reflux, chronic pain, insomnia
    I took 25 mg of Elavil for about a week for insomnia and chronic pain. It did nothing to help me sleeper relieve the pain and I started getting a horrible taste in my mouth, like spoiled food. It also made my reflux worse which I had under control wi - 28% more...
    Njmigraine- over a year ago - in Elavil
  13. link Casperguylkn
    Elavil chronic fatigue, sexual drive, rls, tiredness, cfs
    It has been mostly good. I was diagnosed with RLS and CFS, Chronic Fatigue. It has removed most of my aches and tiredness. I have to devote 10+ hrs to sleep a night though. It has limited my sexual drive, where it is almost non existent. A small pric - 17% more...
    Casperguylkn- over a year ago - in Elavil
  14. link Carol4mtns
    Elavil sleep like a baby, mircle, everynight, insomnia
    I have had no side effects....My Dr. prescribed this to me for insomina...I take 10mg everynight and sleep like a baby.This has been a mircle drug for me.
    Carol4mtns- over a year ago - in Elavil
  15. link Toenica
    breathing broblems
    Toenica- over a year ago - in Elavil
  16. link Italiana10
    Elavil amitrip
    Why when i take one of the (amitrip - elavil).. I go ahead and sleep throughout the day and night. I have no knowledge whatsoever when that happens. PLEASE HELP!!!! iT SEEMS TO ME THIS DRUG TAKES OVER INSTEAD OF ME TAKING OVER.
    Italiana10- over a year ago - in Elavil
  17. link The_vampire_merrick
    Elavil three times a day, welbutrin, weening, suicide, panic attack
    i have been on elavil for about 4 months 50mg three times a day, ive had intense stomach pains, overheating and panic attacks and i have had severe thoughts of suicide. they are weening me off of it and switching me to welbutrin.
    The_vampire_merrick- over a year ago - in Elavil
  18. link Khikimocha105
    Elavil commited suicide, mom
    My mom was on Elavil and she commited suicide by taking the whole bottle on November 18th 2004
    Khikimocha105- over a year ago - in Elavil
  19. link Angela.suor
    Elavil consult your doctor
    I've never heard of that being a side effect. I would consult your doctor.
    Angela.suor- over a year ago - in Elavil
  20. link Santam3
    Elavil for pain
    I have a herniated disc in my neck and suffer terribly hoping to get some relief. I was on elavil for four months 20mg at night did not see any improvement do I need ahigher dose. Any feedback would be helpful.
    Santam3- over a year ago - in Elavil
  21. link Mizlinda0209
    Elavil side affects
    pain in chest going up the side of neck into the jaw.Is this one of the side affects of elavil?
    Mizlinda0209- over a year ago - in Elavil