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  1. link Caroline1949
    Dipyridamole headache and vomiting, high wycombe, febuary, late afternoon, sunday morning
    I was taking Dipyridamole with Simvastatin and suffered extreme headache and vomiting.Thought it was Simvastatin that was the cause and stopped taking - 55% more...
    Caroline1949- over a year ago - in Dipyridamole
  2. link Debster
    why would my dermatolist give me this medication for a thyroid skin rash he says is called GA?
    Debster- over a year ago - in Dipyridamole
  3. link Suecoppellathome
    Hi My father has just been prescribed with Dipyridamole. Are there any side effects to look out for? thanks
    Suecoppellathome- over a year ago - in Dipyridamole
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