Dicel DM Side Effects

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  1. link Coacheswife
    Dicel DM Suspension vs C-Phen DM
    My son has been prescribed both Dicel DM Suspension and C-Phen DM for colds over the past two months. (Not at the same time.) Are these the same things or is one better than the other. Main problem with my son is that he gets very congested which cau - 10% more...
    Coacheswife- over a year ago - in Dicel DM
  2. link Amichall
    Dicel DM cold symptoms, nuts, few days
    This drug works really well on cold symptoms. However, after a few days on this medicine, my son starts to get crazy. He is temperamental, defiant, aggressive, and out of control. I can't give it to him for more than 3 days or he goes nuts.
    Amichall- over a year ago - in Dicel DM
  3. link Tracy1227
    child prescribed Dicel DM
    My 2 year old child was just prescribed Dicel DM Suspension at a dose of 1/2 tsp twice daily for cough and cold symptoms is it safe? The pharmacist seemed concerned because of my childs age.
    Tracy1227- over a year ago - in Dicel DM
  4. link Joannev
    dicel dm and childrens dimetapp
    Can a two year old take 3/4 tsp of childrens dimetapp and take dicel dm at bedtime?
    Joannev- over a year ago - in Dicel DM
  5. link Logic1
    what it does
    what is dicel dm used for
    Logic1- over a year ago - in Dicel DM