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  1. link J6454
    DexPak and sleeplessness
    I am on the 10th day of this medication, and I have only had 25 hours sleep in that time. I am nervous, shaky, almost unable to function. How long doe - 37% more...
    J6454- over a year ago - in Dexpak Taperpak
  2. link Melanderso
    Poison Oak
    I am taking this for poison oak, this is my 2nd 10 day course of tablets in 2 weeks because it came back within 3 days of finishing the medication. My - 65% more...
    Melanderso- over a year ago - in Dexpak Taperpak
  3. link Lindahoskins
    Dexpak Taperpak achilles tendon, taste buds, indigestion, grapefruit, stomach
    Oh my gosh this was the worst stuff I have ever taken. I was taking this for swollen Achilles tendon. Day one and two were wonderful the pain in my fo - 81% more...
    Lindahoskins- over a year ago - in Dexpak Taperpak
  4. link Cfaskesenn
    Dexpak Taperpak wonderful pain, tinnitis, sense of taste, smarties, sleeplessness
    I had inflammation around my knees and elbows..bad.. the 2nd day..wonderful pain was gone.. but by the 5th day I started to lose my sense of taste and - 72% more...
    Cfaskesenn- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Dexpak Taperpak
  5. link Dotlocke
    Dexpak Taperpak acute bronchitis, loss of concentration, profuse sweating, lethargy, shortness of breath
    A case of acute bronchitis was the cause of my prescription for the Dexpak 13 day. The 5th day I was experiencing blurred vision, shortness of breath, - 76% more...
    Dotlocke- over a year ago - in Dexpak Taperpak
  6. link Bulldog37
    Dexpak Taperpak cfs symptoms, sinsitive, lyrica, fibromyalgia, cfs
    I have Fibromyalgia and CFS and came down with bronchitis. They started me on a steroid for the bronchitis and my FM and CFS symptoms improved 10 fold - 75% more...
    Bulldog37- over a year ago - in Dexpak Taperpak
  7. link Aca392
    Dexpak Taperpak warm sensation, tiny red spots, contact dermatitis, useless information, yesterday afternoon
    Hey guys. I just had a few questions that I wanted to ask before I go back to my doctor and spend another large amount of money for some more useless - 79% more...
    Aca392- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Dexpak Taperpak
  8. link Debbie81853
    Dexpak Taperpak dexpak, stomach area, neuroma, ahold, saturday morning
    Debbie 6/8/2009 On Monday, June 3rd I was put on a Dexpak for a Martins' Neuroma on my foot. I felt sooo good for the first three days, then started f - 71% more...
    Debbie81853- over a year ago - in Dexpak Taperpak
  9. link Beckymcd
    Can I stop taking this after the first 3 pills?
    I just started taking this pill today. I have taken only the first 3. Can I stop taking then NOW? I have read all the side effects and I don't want to - 7% more...
    Beckymcd- over a year ago - in Dexpak Taperpak
  10. link Lwilliamson
    Dexpak Taperpak dexpak, doctor tomorrow, nightmares, meds, sleep
    My husband was prescribed the dexpak for a lower back problem that he has had for several years. He has taken several kinds of meds before but this on - 68% more...
    Lwilliamson- over a year ago - in Dexpak Taperpak
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