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  1. link Georgefountain
    Desoxyn blood work, sence, medication, sleep, pharmacy
    my life run better sence ive been taking desoxyn i take 16- 5mg aday i have sleep disorder and diabitties been taking them for 1yr an half sence they came leagle to pharmacy in USA THIS MEDICATION GETS A GOOD REVIEW NOT BAD---ps.i have my blood work - 17% more...
    Georgefountain- over a year ago - in Desoxyn
  2. link Lisabenson1960
    I am trying to obtain desoxyn. Thank you
    Lisabenson1960- over a year ago - in Desoxyn
  3. link Rhb111390
    I have recently been prescribed Desoxyn. I am taking 3 ea 5 mg tablets in the morning and 2 ea 5 mg tablets at mid day. I am experiencing headaches more frequently and I am curious if they might be a side effect. I also am curious what the effect of - 14% more...
    Rhb111390- over a year ago - in Desoxyn