Vicks DayQuil is a medicine designed to help relieve many symptoms of a cold. It is available in liquid and “LiquiCap” (capsule) form. DayQuil’s nighttime counterpart is NyQuil, which contains an antihistamine. This antihistamine is a sedative, and may cause NyQuil users to develop a marked drowsiness. Because DayQuil lacks this antihistamine, it doesn’t cause the drowsiness, and thus is suitable for use in the daytime. DayQuil was introduced in 1974 under the name “DayCare.”


DayQuil Discussions

  1. link Jdalley
    day quill symptom
    horrible lower back pain swollen testicle, don"t know if its a side effect of the day quil or advil?
    Jdalley- over a year ago - in DayQuil
  2. link Mrs_p
    high blood pressure
    is it contraindicated for persons with high blood pressure
    Mrs_p- over a year ago - in DayQuil
  3. link Billjames
    DayQuil dangerous side effect, heart arrhythmia, afib, cold symptoms, ordeal
    I bought DayQuil to control harsh cold symptoms. I was quite angry when the medication induced atrial fibrillation (heart arrhythmia) after several do - 66% more...
    Billjames- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in DayQuil
  4. link Rlynn70
    Allergic to
    If you are allergic to sulphur is it okay to take Dayquil?
    Rlynn70- over a year ago - in DayQuil
  5. link Mhershey
    DayQuil erection
    could not get an erection easily.
    Mhershey- over a year ago - in DayQuil
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