Cytomel Side Effects

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  1. link Stines1
    Excessive sweating?
    I have Hashimoto's disease and I am on Armour thyroid. Feel somewhat better,but not as good as I think I can feel. I have an excessive sweating problem and think it is from my thyroid disease. Can adding a small dose of Cytomel help my problem? My fr - 33% more...
    Stines1- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Cytomel
  2. link Drphyllis
    Cytomel has helped me tremendously! Try it!
    Drphyllis- over a year ago
  3. link Aelkatf52
    Cytomel vs Liothyronine
    Are there different side effects taking liothyronine as opposed to taking the brand name equivalent Cytomel? My doctor will only let me take Synthroid, not the generic of this hormone. Therefore, could there be a difference in generic form of Cytomel - 1% more...
    Aelkatf52- over a year ago - in Cytomel
  4. link Normas
    Cytomel & Wellbutrin
    Side effect of using both medicines
    Normas- over a year ago - in Cytomel
  5. link Danaw42
    Cytomel exercise intolerance, heat intolerance, palps, synthroid, calves
    I was switched from Armour to Synthroid and Cytomel and have experienced many problems. Severe heat intolerance, weight gain, sweating, heart palps were terrible. Also, my calves ache every day and have depression again. Didn't know which med was cau - 45% more...
    Danaw42- over a year ago - in Cytomel
  6. link Lmhn96
    Cytomel nausua, heart palpitations, itchy skin, shortness of breath, insomnia
    I am taking Cytomel and really don't like it. Shortness of breath, itchy skin, cramping in my legs, heart palpitations, headaches, nausea and insomnia.
    Lmhn96- over a year ago - in Cytomel
  7. link Wandasmandel
    Cytomel blood thinner, arch enemies, thyroid problems, datae, irregular heart
    i was prescribed cytomel as an adjunct to noretriptlin 25mcg twice daily/ I do not have any thyroid problems. Both above drugs were prescribed by a psychiatrist. I began to have brief loss of vision followed by extreme weakness and sweating. these sy - 83% more...
    Wandasmandel- over a year ago - in Cytomel
  8. link Elewallen
    Cytomel sinus drainage, mcg, doctors office, graves disease, syntroid
    I take 5 mcg of cytomel a day. I have symptons like "hayfever". Sneezing,runny nose, sinus drainage, my eyes are sometimes itchy,burning, watery. The glands around my neck swell a little, my jaws hurt, and the inside of my ears itch. The PA - 61% more...
    Elewallen- over a year ago - in Cytomel
  9. link See55it
    Cytomel increased heart rate, chest pain shortness of breath, shortness of breath, exertion, synthroid
    chest pain, shortness of breath from very little exertion, feels like increased heart rate, diarrhea,all over itching. Given as a supplement to a lowered dose of Synthroid which is causing me to be Hypo-symtomatic again. Notified my doctor and discon - 22% more...
    See55it- over a year ago - in Cytomel
  10. link Kate182
    Cytomel radioactive iodine treatment, synthroid, hyperthyroidism, internist, first thought
    I have been taking synthroid and cytomel for years now. Had hyperthyroidism (Grave's disease), had radioactive iodine treatment to leave me without a thyroid. About 6 months ago, I started getting hives. Doctors at first thought it was stress. I am n - 46% more...
    Kate182- over a year ago - in Cytomel
  11. link Justgigi
    Cytomel combined with Synthroid as a way to treat?
    Is there anyone out there that is taking Synthroid and Cytomel together (a T3 and T4 medication) as a way to treat the thyroid problems and fight off fatigue, muscle and joint pain, etc. etc. etc. Please give me some idea on this or if you have heard - 19% more...
    Justgigi- over a year ago - in Cytomel
  12. link Roe325
    Cytomel unfortunatly, short term memory problems, short term memory, heck, sythroid
    after taking 175 synthroid for 6 months - my thyroid was so out of whack i could sleep and was a complete mess. my doctor has the staff from heck and i by the time i got to see him i was a complete wreck. anyway - he put me on 25 of cytomel along wit - 77% more...
    Roe325- over a year ago - in Cytomel
  13. link Biglucy
    Cytomel radioactive iodine treatment, papillary carcinoma, muscle aches, three times a day, thyroid
    I am a 55year old female. Had total thyroid removed on March 2 because of papillary carcinoma. I take 25mcg of Cytomel, three times a day. I have been on it for a week. I get very bad muscle aches, and slight headaches mainly at night. They are howev - 35% more...
    Biglucy- over a year ago - in Cytomel
  14. link Judeedelcid
    Cytomel radiation treatment, total thyroidectomy, papillary carcinoma, little scare, hypothyroid
    I'm 35 yr female now with Hypothyroid. Had surgery on 12/22/04 to have a total thyroidectomy to remove papillary carcinoma. I have to waite for my radiation treatment until March 2005 (UPSET!!!) The doctor has put me on Cytomel 50MCG once a day, unti - 52% more...
    Judeedelcid- over a year ago - in Cytomel
  15. link Stahswim
    Cytomel hypothyroid symptoms, levoxyl, heart palpitations, synthroid, female athlete
    I am a 19yr old female athlete w/Hashimoto's. When .1synthroid did not seem to be controlling my hypothyroid symptoms (hair loss, wt gain, fatigue), my dr. tried 5mcg of Cytomel twice/day. At first I didn't notice much of a change...slowly side effec - 70% more...
    Stahswim- over a year ago - in Cytomel