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  1. link Michelle21
    Cyclessa taking the pills, sexual desire, wierd, feelings
    i am 21 and i have been taking the pills for about 9mths and i have no sexual desire at all and i always have pain or weird feelings in my abdominal area when my menstrual is on
    Michelle21- over a year ago - in Cyclessa
  2. link Pamela75228
    can you take the pills late
    is it okay to start your 1st package 2 weeks after you had your period i need to delay my next period by at least a week going on vacation don't wont to be on period going to the ocean
    Pamela75228- over a year ago - in Cyclessa
  3. link Tatertot89
    When should I get period while taking Cyclessa?
    I started taking my first month of Cyclessa on the first day of my period. I'm now on the 4th wk and taking I think what they call the "sugar" pills or whatever and I'm curious when I should start my period? My cousin takes a different birt - 56% more...
    Tatertot89- over a year ago - in Cyclessa
  4. link Ktriece
    skip a period
    is it okay to skip the green pills and start a new pack right away so you can skip your period for the month?
    Ktriece- over a year ago - in Cyclessa
  5. link Washington4568
    discontinue use of them
    I have decided to stop taking the pill velivet because of the side effects such as, headaches, moodswings, nausea, no sleep and muscle aches. I have been off of them about a week and a half and I have noticed lower abdomenal pains. What coud be the c - 5% more...
    Washington4568- over a year ago - in Cyclessa
  6. link Drgorman_06
    Cyclessa yeast infection, lower abdominals, painful cramps, sex drive, uti
    I have had extremely painful cramps in my lower abdominals. My doctor that prescribed them to me just treated me for a yeast infection and a uti. The pains started the second day I started taking the pill. I have also noticed I am extremely moody and - 43% more...
    Drgorman_06- over a year ago - in Cyclessa
  7. link Desertfox104
    Cyclessa stomach ulcers, wellbuterin, mood swings, ive been, extreme anxiety
    I have been on cesia for 6 months. I have been diagnosed with stomach ulcers 2 months ago. The doctors are telling me its caused from stress so they put me on wellbuterin sr. Ive been having mood swings, extreme anxiety. Can Cesia affect Wellbuterin? - 10% more...
    Desertfox104- over a year ago - in Cyclessa
  8. link Brittspics2000
    Cyclessa break through bleeding, evey
    I have been taking Cyclessa for three months now and have had break-through bleeding evey month.
    Brittspics2000- over a year ago - in Cyclessa
  9. link Dmb_mnb1
    Cyclessa numb toes, left eye, side vision, fingers
    After taking Cyclessa for a month and a half i am experiencing numb toes, fingers, and no side vision in my left eye, but this is not a constant problem it occurs about once a week.
    Dmb_mnb1- over a year ago - in Cyclessa
  10. link Celticpixie20
    Cyclessa mood swings, bleeding after sex, dizziness, headaches, could have sworn
    i started taking the pill 2 months ago.... it makes me feel like iam pregnant with a period, i mean with headaches, mood swings, nausea, dizziness, tired all the time i could have sworn i was pregnant but i got my period and it was normal ... it also - 21% more...
    Celticpixie20- over a year ago - in Cyclessa
  11. link Victoria_93727
    Quitting Cyclessa
    Has anyone experience hair loss after quitting Cyclessa?
    Victoria_93727- over a year ago - in Cyclessa
  12. link Peacefrog163
    I have been taking cycless for 6 months now and have gained 12 pounds. My doctor told me that after a few months my weight will level off, but it hasn't.
    Peacefrog163- over a year ago - in Cyclessa
  13. link Ashleymiller02
    Cyclessa sex drive, even notice, birth control, bloated, healthy eating
    i took it for 6 months i did gain weight about 5 extra pounds , regardless of healthy eating and being very active, i felt bloated and depressed a lot also no sex drive, but i didn't even notice how much it affected me till i was off the birth contro - 8% more...
    Ashleymiller02- over a year ago - in Cyclessa
  14. link Guest204
    cyclessa side effects
    I have just started Cyclessa to regulate my cycle which is haywire due to Endometriosis. I was so naueous last night, i actually threw up. I am dizzy still today. Has anyone else had similar or other side-effects from Cyclessa? Do these Side effects - 4% more...
    Guest204- over a year ago - in Cyclessa
  15. link Guest204
    Thinking about starting Cyclessa is it worth it?
    I want to find a birth control that causes the least amount of weight gain, that also prevents pregnancy, is CyClessa the best option??
    Guest204- over a year ago - in Cyclessa
  16. link Spunkyhk
    Cyclessa breast tenderness, mood swings, sex drive, lethargic, feelings
    I took Cyclessa for a year. Unlike other pills, I did not experience any mood swings or breast tenderness. However, I was extremely lethargic and lost my sex drive. Stopped taking it 4 weeks ago, and those feelings have gone away. I didn't even think - 18% more...
    Spunkyhk- over a year ago - in Cyclessa
  17. link Eliz2002
    Cyclessa lower abdomen, painful cramps, periodically
    Ever since I started taking that pill I have been experiencing really painful cramps in the lower abdomen. It has been going on for 2-3 weeks every day, periodically!
    Eliz2002- over a year ago - in Cyclessa