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  1. link Emeretia
    Coreg CR nausea, concentration, headache, brain, gas gas
    headache, nausea, brain seems to be racing, concentration, gas, gas gas,
    Emeretia- over a year ago - in Coreg CR
  2. link Nye
    Reversing side affect from coreg
    I have been on Coreg 25mg for three months,I developed a very bad breathing problem,The Dr.lowered it to 6.25 Mf 2x's daily.I do not want to have any - 63% more...
    Nye- over a year ago - in Coreg CR
  3. link Mm221
    Coreg CR sammy, medication, blood pressure
    I have been extremely cold with this drug. I am also having trouble sleeping with this medication. I have been taking this medication for 21/2 weeks a - 48% more...
    Mm221- over a year ago - in Coreg CR
  4. link Smarshall
    sun exposure
    I know that with some of the medications for high blood pressure, you need to avoid sun exposure while taking it. Is it the same with the Coreg CR 20 - 3% more...
    Smarshall- over a year ago - in Coreg CR
  5. link Johnk
    Coreg CR inflamation, coreg, time release, antibiotics, meds
    I have been on Coreg for 1 year and switched to Coreg CR(time Release) for the last year. Since then, I have had bronchial inflammation that I have ha - 76% more...
    Johnk- over a year ago - in Coreg CR
  6. link Leapoynter
    skipped heartbeat
    have been taking coreg cr for about i month. I have noticed many skipped heartbeats and muscle pain and cramping. Has anyone else had this problem?
    Leapoynter- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Coreg CR
  7. link Jacoffield
    bladder control and CoregCR
    Has anyone experienced problems with increased urination and/or loss of bladder control while using CoregCR?
    Jacoffield- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Coreg CR
  8. link Maj
    Coreg CR coreg, short of breath, chf, lungs, cough
    My father has been on Coreg CR for about 2mths now and is using 80mg. He is very short of breath and I was wondering if it's the Coreg CR or his CHF? - 61% more...
    Maj- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Coreg CR
  9. link Deucey22
    Coreg CR nuerologist, heart failure, heart function, coreg, seizures
    After fighting heart failure for a year my heart function is now normal. The entire time I was on COREG I felt HORRIBLE. No one listened to my concern - 71% more...
    Deucey22- over a year ago - in Coreg CR
  10. link Jr94952002
    Coreg CR acne
    Anyone having trouble with acne? I am 47 years old and since taking the drug I am breaking out on my chest, back and face.
    Jr94952002- over a year ago - in Coreg CR
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