Clomid Side Effects

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  1. link Noangel6983
    Clomid 3 years
    I took clomid almost 3 years ago and it did not work for me. It made me bleed horribly bad and I was always depressed. This ever happened to anyone else?
    Noangel6983- over a year ago - in Clomid
  2. link Jacky
    Clomid distractions, exercise, heart, shopping
    Yes, clomid made me really nervous.. heart pounding over nothing really. Exercise helps. Distractions such as shopping helps.. otherwise just wait it out and try to stay away from stressful things..
    Jacky- over a year ago - in Clomid
  3. link Lizzie67
    Clomid anxiety, panic attack, severe mood swings, anxiety panic, panic attacks
    Since taking Clomid, Ive suffered with anxiety and panic attacks. I wondered if this has happened to anyone else and what they did to get back to normal. Thanks
    Lizzie67- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Clomid
  4. link Cmcoop
    I also had anxiety, panic attacks, and severe mood swings and thoughts of suicide. I ended up needing to be hospitalized to help me "come down." To stop experiencing these effects, I have discontinued use of the drug. FDA clinical study say - 24% more...
    Cmcoop- over a year ago
  5. link Cmcoop
    Clomid 3 rounds, adverse side effects
    After 3 rounds of 50 mg Clomid, I experienced numerous adverse side effects.
    Cmcoop- over a year ago - in Clomid
  6. link Alashley23
    whats clomid for? what does it do?
    Alashley23- over a year ago - in Clomid
  7. link Joann
    How long does it take for a woman to be on Clomid to achieve pregnancy
    Joann- over a year ago - in Clomid