Clindamycin Phosphate Side Effects

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  1. link Zooie
    Clindamycin Phosphate serum sickness, insult to injury, yeast infection, joint pain, angioedema
    I got serum sickness from Clindamycin. I had enormous hives everywhere, along with angioedema, fever, joint pain, and intense itching/burning. I had to take Prednisone for 10 days and, just to add insult to injury, later developed both thrush and a y - 6% more...
    Zooie- over a year ago - 6 Replies - in Clindamycin Phosphate
  2. link Skaterblade
    I had SS from Cleocin back in 1996. It was severe and misdiagnosed for 3 weeks. I had extreme joint pain and dinner-plate sized hives. It felt like I was being ripped apart, especially if I moved. A smart pharmacist and doctor figured it out together - 78% more...
    Skaterblade- over a year ago
  3. link Luv2tapp
    I too got serum sickness from clindamycin. I woke up on day 9 of taking 300mg 4 x per day and was covered in small round welts/hives. I went to local ER and was given IV prednisone and antihistimines. I was sent home and the net day wound back up at - 63% more...
    Luv2tapp- over a year ago
  4. link Bandit76
    Here is my recent experience w/ this drug. A month ago, on Wed 5/27, I went to the ER for what I was told was cellulitis on my chin. They administered Clinda IV in the ER and gave me a script to take it 4x a day. Took 2 doses that night and 2 the nex - 92% more...
    Bandit76- over a year ago
  5. link Jess73_08
    I'm taking clindamycin now and this time around (it's my second time using it, third day of doses) my side affects are an almost constant acidic taste in my mouth (except for approx. the last 2 hours before my next dose) and a face rash. My face is i - 75% more...
    Jess73_08- over a year ago
  6. link Jmnhdmil1
    I have just come off of Lipitor for similar side affects. In the 3rd month I began waking with severe stiffness in fingers.....I had been working with new landscaping in my backyard and put the pain & stiffness up to that. I took 2 weeks off of w - 79% more...
    Jmnhdmil1- over a year ago
  7. link Name281
    Clindamycin Phosphate light headed, cleocin, gatorade, dizziness
    Day2 of Cleocin for treatment of bacterial CAP [day35] Woke up with dizzyness; subsided within 10 minutes; still light headed -- tried Gatorade M,40,good
    Name281- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Clindamycin Phosphate
  8. link Robert39
    I also took clindamycin 6 months ago and woke up lightheaded and still am. I went to dr had mri,ekg echo cardio c-scan all types of blood work still no answer.
    Robert39- over a year ago
  9. link Gunjack555
    Clindamycin Phosphate depersonalization, high all the time, month and a half, paranoia, haze
    I've been experiencing bad depersonalization from just applying this stuff twice a day it didn't affect me for like a month and a half but after so much use it just got to me i've been freaking out randomly and other times just living life in a calm - 59% more...
    Gunjack555- over a year ago - in Clindamycin Phosphate
  10. link Froudian
    Clindamycin Phosphate stomach cramps, allergic to penicillin, mild diarrhea, watery diarrhea, nausea and headache
    I am a 23 year old female. Taking Clindamycin for tooth infection before having root canal. Am allergic to penicillin. I experienced stomach cramps, clay colored watery diarrhea, esophagitis, nausea and headache. Mild diarrhea also noted in 2 year ol - 7% more...
    Froudian- over a year ago - in Clindamycin Phosphate
  11. link Danabyrd
    clindamycin and yeast infection
    I have been prescribed clindamycin phosphate for bacterial vaginosis and would like to know if this medication will cause a yeast infection
    Danabyrd- over a year ago - in Clindamycin Phosphate
  12. link Whitehorses
    Clindamycin Phosphate fever chills, clindamycin, sore throat, allergic reaction, green mucus
    Had a terrible allergic reaction from it. It started as cold like symptoms and my throat and nose were terribly inflamed. I thought I had just caught something. By the third day of this though, still using the Clindamycin not knowing this was the cau - 75% more...
    Whitehorses- over a year ago - in Clindamycin Phosphate
  13. link Georgia713peach2002
    Clindamycin Phosphate benadryl, medication
    since I've been taking the medication I've experienced an uncontollable itch that I take benadryl for.
    Georgia713peach2002- over a year ago - in Clindamycin Phosphate
  14. link Del3262
    Clindamycin Phosphate dizzy spells, medication, extremly, hives, third day
    I was prescribed 300 mg 3x day for seven days, because of a dog bit. After an hour of taking the medication I started to have sever adomial pains. After the third day I started to get dizzy spells and was laid up in bed for two days with a extremly b - 37% more...
    Del3262- over a year ago - in Clindamycin Phosphate
  15. link Spsgroup1
    Clindamycin Phosphate football helmet, sinus infection, avelox, clindamycin, metal pipe
    I'm a 41 yo woman. I was prescribed 300mg to take 3X per day for 10 days for a bad sinus infection. After the 2nd pill, I experienced a very intense nausea like never before. My mouth tasted like a metal pipe. When I went outside, everything appeared - 66% more...
    Spsgroup1- over a year ago - in Clindamycin Phosphate
  16. link Nmccue
    Clindamycin Phosphate groin area, hands and feet, stevens johnson
    Skin peeled from hands and feet and groin area - extremely painful and dibilitating. Could have been Stevens-Johnson.
    Nmccue- over a year ago - in Clindamycin Phosphate
  17. link Angela2therese
    Clindamycin Phosphate cold sweats, counter act, zofran, orally, vomiting
    Severe nausa, vomiting, cold sweats, feeling flushed, faint Given Zofran orally to counter act side effect. Wore off after about 4 hours and felt back to normal.
    Angela2therese- over a year ago - in Clindamycin Phosphate
  18. link Mamat
    Strep Throat
    To whom it may concern can I use this medicine for strep Throat?
    Mamat- over a year ago - in Clindamycin Phosphate
  19. link Kristadeweerd
    Clindamycin Phosphate facial swelling, scarry, medication
    facial swelling and loss of feeling to the point of effecting breathing and had to be taken to emergency room, given 3 shots and on another medication to prevent another outbreak. Scarry!!!
    Kristadeweerd- over a year ago - in Clindamycin Phosphate