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  1. link Markl9285
    Cerefolin vs Cerefolin NAC: Difference?
    Would it be the same if insurance covers Cerefolin but not Cerefolin NAC to get the regular Cerefolin through a prescription and buy the NAC online for cheap and take them both?
    Markl9285- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Cerefolin
  2. link Amaliee
    Paco - Are you worried that you will have to take care of her? If she continues to take CerefolinNAC, maybe she can maintain a better memory and not become a burden for you? Especially if you are also concerned about memory loss for yourself and cont - 21% more...
    Amaliee- over a year ago
  3. link Paco N Martinez, Jr.
    My wifey stopped takeding Cerefolin but I continuied takedin Cerefolin. My memmory is sharp but hers's is bad. I toldid her to take Sarafolin like I does but shes's stupborn and refusdid to takidit. Oh, well. I guess I'll live like longer and remembe - 33% more...
    Paco N Martinez, Jr.- over a year ago
  4. link Reese99
    Cerefolin (in each 5mg tablet) contains Vitamin B2 (5mg), Vitamin B6 (50mg), Vitamin B12 (1mg), and L-methylfolate (5.635mg). Cerefolin NAC contains: L-methylfolate (5.6mg), Vitamin B12 (2mg), and NAC (600mg). I am not sure about the other B vitamin - 69% more...
    Reese99- over a year ago
  5. link Bvc60
    does it contain vitamin E
    surgery and bleeding, does it contain vitamin E ?
    Bvc60- over a year ago - in Cerefolin
  6. link Shuttlebabe01
    Memory and Cerefolin
    Does Cerefolin increase memory function?
    Shuttlebabe01- over a year ago - in Cerefolin
  7. link Cobalt
    Is cobalt used in cerefolin.
    I have recently learned that I am allergic to cobalt, which has resulted in a rash on 4 parts of my body for over a year. Does Cerefolin have any content of cobalt?
    Cobalt- over a year ago - in Cerefolin
  8. link Michelletbean
    cerefoln and traumatic brain injury
    How will cerefolin help with my traumatic brain injury
    Michelletbean- over a year ago - in Cerefolin
  9. link Rep144
    what type of b vitamin will make a dose of cerefolin
    my doctor says that certain amounts of vitamin b taken will have something like the effect of cerefolin. Can anyone advise how much and what kind? b12? b6? b complex?
    Rep144- over a year ago - in Cerefolin