Celexa Side Effects

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    Benadams201- 3 months ago - in Celexa
  2. link Lomanro
    Celexa making me better or worse?
    Hi, I am new to this whole anxiety thing. About six months ago, while standing in front of a room full of high school seniors (I'm a teacher), I had a bout of extreme dizziness. That event seemed to trigger something in my brain because from that poi - 85% more...
    Lomanro- over a year ago - in Celexa
  3. link Brer1996
    Celexa high anxiety, ativan, few days, panic attack, panic attacks
    I have been on Celexa for a little over a week for panic attacks/anxiety. The first 2 days I took it I felt like I was in a dream, light headed, tingly, pretty much just intensifying my problems in the first place so I stopped taking Celexa for a few - 80% more...
    Brer1996- over a year ago - 12 Replies - in Celexa
  4. link Fixme
    fixme - So.. first night on this, I slept walk, assaulted my fiance while doing so (she punched me in the face for it), and tried to leave the house, packing my 6 month old belongings. When I awoke the next day to see his walker in the street with th - 68% more...
    Fixme- over a year ago
  5. link Bodieprincess
    I too was prescribed celexa. I would wake up in the morning having horrible heart racing. If I went back to sleep I would wake up with the same symptoms. During the day I would feel fine. I had an Mri if my brain and 2 ct scans, saw 3 specialists and - 57% more...
    Bodieprincess- over a year ago
  6. link Distracted
    Celexa reality sets, effector, citalopram, fetus, anxiety
    I've been trying to cut down on my celexa ( although i take the generic citalopram 40 mg) I found that if i came off it too quickly without decreasing the dose in stages (i had tried cutting down to 20mg) my head would become extremely fuzzy, wheneve - 74% more...
    Distracted- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Celexa
  7. link Imadoll
    nothing to worry about, its a withdrawal from citalopram, i was on it for a year n 5 months, when decided to stop, was doing it really slowly, cutting (just by breaking the tablet into quarters) from 20mg/day to 15mg/day for about a month n half, the - 74% more...
    Imadoll- over a year ago
  8. link Imadoll
    citalopram changed everything
    was prescribed citalopram Nov 2010, coz had depression n anxiety, when started taking it (20mg/day) felt that nothing changes, only after about 4-5 weeks started to feel better, like lots better, coz finally i didnt care nothing on this planet, in ab - 81% more...
    Imadoll- over a year ago - in Celexa
  9. link Somthingwrong
    doing stupid things while taking celexa
    I have been doing the stupidest things while taking celexa. I have been on it for about a month and have been doing things that I would have never done before. I have been very disrespectful to my husband. and have no feelings anymore. I don't care a - 44% more...
    Somthingwrong- over a year ago - in Celexa
  10. link Maltesemama49
    Celexa minimal problems, emotional attachment, sex drive, friendships, prozac
    After taking 20 mg. of Prozac with minimal problems for 10 years, my depression returned in earnest last year. My doctor switched me to 10 mg. Celexa. While I am not really depressed or hopeless anymore, I'm finding that I really don't care about muc - 65% more...
    Maltesemama49- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Celexa
  11. link Chihuahualover6
    Hi- Wow. Yes, actually, but I didn't even think of celexa as the cause! I am on 20mg (up from 10mg for the first 2 years), and have been for about the last 5 years. My interest in my friends and friendships is near zero, I don't like going out in pub - 66% more...
    Chihuahualover6- over a year ago
  12. link Mandc
    Yes I have noticed I feel sort of "empty" with my feelings although Im not really depressed anymore or manicky. But I dont like this weird nothingness. What to do?
    Mandc- over a year ago
  13. link Yotagurl84
    Celexa sexual side effects, cellexa, weight gain, tell you the truth, poeple
    I was just prescribed cellexa today for depression, so I came here to read some of the side affects that poeple on this medication have been expierincing, and to tell you the truth, all the stories that I have just read scared the crap out of me! Wei - 45% more...
    Yotagurl84- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Celexa
  14. link Chilngame
    this is a question but I took cellexa for depression in 2009.felt better then stoped but past few mths I have been very depressed not good thoughts ,but I had new perscription in 2009 dont no if meds are still good,if they will help at all I dont hav - 22% more...
    Chilngame- over a year ago
  15. link Blevins210
    Celexa hot flashes, excessive sweating, tingling lips, electrical shock, sleep problems
    excessive sweating/hot flashes
    Blevins210- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Celexa
  16. link Lovesilk
    The Road Back Program offers specifically designed nutritional supplements and a very detailed step by step tappering regiment to aide in getting off of SSRI medication as well as many other pharmaceutical drugs. I have had success with this program - 35% more...
    Lovesilk- over a year ago
  17. link Flyfishr
    I agree, I have tried to stop using Celexa several times and it's far too uncomfortable. Also, I've asked my doctor how to get off the drug and he has no good solutions. Anybody successfully quit Celexa??
    Flyfishr- over a year ago
  18. link Ragep23
    Celexa 24 years old, month old baby, freak out, horror stories, lexapro
    Actually I'm thinking about going on celexa and I was wondering if anyone has heard of "Lexapro"...it's like celexa only it's been said to cause less side effects. Either way, I want some advice from anyone who is on either of these or has - 79% more...
    Ragep23- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Celexa
  19. link Rees
    I feel like i'm someone else . I'm coming off prozac 60mg and 1200mg neurontin Going on celexa40mg and 1mg ativan one in morning and another ativan at nighjt with therestoril 30mg at night. I feel very strange .I notice more things going on around me - 72% more...
    Rees- over a year ago
  20. link Neicey1206
    Celexa nausea, anxiety, depression, coffee
    I was prescribed Celexa for depression with anxiety 3 days ago and I can't take it anymore. I feel as though I've drunk 10 cups of coffee and can't even stand the thought of food because of the nausea. I started over the weekend to gauge the effects, - 36% more...
    Neicey1206- over a year ago - in Celexa
  21. link Cathkid1
    Celexa hiccups, urge
    frequent urge to yawn...its like my throat just opens up..kinda like when u have the hiccups, but its a yawn instead....
    Cathkid1- over a year ago - in Celexa
  22. link Shell_1972
    Celexa headaches, headache, severe headaches, ativan, celexa
    is it normal to have a severe headache when first taking Celexa? I just started taking it and the headache is so bad that I'm scared to take it again. But I was already liking how I was feeling. I had a good energy, didn't make me feel too numb. I re - 54% more...
    Shell_1972- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Celexa
  23. link Stelladoro828
    I was taking 150mg of Zoloft dailey for 2 years and was very anxious and nervous. My doctor put me on Celexa on July 15th of this year (2010). I am having severe headaches too but I feel much calmer. I took 1mg of ativan tonight and it helped but my - 55% more...
    Stelladoro828- over a year ago
  24. link Michellehg
    taking celexa with other medications
    is it safe to be on lamictal while on celexa? what are the effects if combined?
    Michellehg- over a year ago - in Celexa
  25. link Dms1892
    Celexa nerve test, severe headaches, withdrawl, antidepressant, antidepressants
    I have been on Celexa for almost a year. First 10mg then 20mg and 30mg my doctor wanted me to get off of them and put me on another antidepressant so we started the withdrawal and by the time I got down to 10mg over 3 months. I began having such pain - 72% more...
    Dms1892- over a year ago - in Celexa
  26. link Gerogiabell
    Celexa tight chest, muscle spasms, tremors, wellbutrin, xanax
    I've been on Celexa for 6 days now and I can't stand it. I have the muscle jerking, as well. Along with the tight chest while sleeping. I have muscle spasms while driving, typing, gripping the mouse, holding my cell phone. I also hate to yawn because - 58% more...
    Gerogiabell- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Celexa
  27. link Peony
    How are you now. I have been on celexa for 2 weeks and my biggest compliant is my uncontrollable shaking (my legs). Does it go away over time?
    Peony- over a year ago
  28. link Shell_1972
    i hear that. i get this awfully painful headache at the top of my head with the Celexa. I have been on Xanax for panic attacks for years and I like it, it works. I just wish the Celexa didnt cause the headache because they work well for my depression - 26% more...
    Shell_1972- over a year ago
  29. link Alanmack
    Celexa stomach problems, nightmares, pros and cons, vomiting, climax
    i have been on celexa for 8 months. I have great problems with climax and erections. I can manage it once every 2 weeks now but the first couple of months i couldn't manage it at all. The medication is good for tackling depression and anxiety. I was - 67% more...
    Alanmack- over a year ago - in Celexa
  30. link Adatudz
    Dizziness on Celexa
    I was prescribed Celexa for anxiety and depression, although I could never really identify depression. I started on 5 mg, and I have had few side effects with the exception of dizziness, which is pretty awful and some mild nausea. The nausea is under - 49% more...
    Adatudz- over a year ago - in Celexa
  31. link Sophiel
    Celexa panic attack, panic attacks, first night, pills, brain
    Hi, I've been taking Celexa for 3 weeks. The first week I was taking 10mg, then 20mg. After almost 3 weeks, my doctor prescribed me 30mg, because I wasn't really getting better. The first night I took 30 I was fine, but last night, I took it again an - 68% more...
    Sophiel- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Celexa
  32. link Shell_1972
    If the meds are working good for your depression, and the panic attacks are the only side affect, I would ask your doctor for an anti-anxiety to take with the depression medication. It seems so hard to find the right antidepressant. With both antidep - 48% more...
    Shell_1972- over a year ago