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  1. link Sexy_rocker2007
    Celebrex mood swings, bad mood, unpleasant person
    i don't take this but my girlfriend does and it has made her a totally different person.....she has such bad mood swings that most of the time i don't even like to be around her ne more :( she has been probably the most unpleasant person to be around - 11% more...
    Sexy_rocker2007- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Celebrex
  2. link M2penny
    My wife of ten years and two children, eight and five, started taking Celebrex about three years ago. The first year she became bitter with both me and the children. The second year we became distant at her choice and yells at the children all of the - 78% more...
    M2penny- over a year ago
  3. link Kerril21
    Celebrex arthritis pain, flu like symptoms, aspirin, arthritis, flu
    The last few months Celebrex has quit working, and has been making me sick, flu like symptoms, and my arthritis pain has actually been worse. It is almost like the manufacturer has changed the product. I have been off of it for about a week and feel - 32% more...
    Kerril21- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Celebrex
  4. link Mcrump615
    People shouldn't take NSAIDs for a long duration of time because of the adverse reactions that can occur. You may want to get some tests to make sure none of the serious adverse effects haven't started taking affect and think about finding something - 56% more...
    Mcrump615- over a year ago
  5. link Casmeira
    Celebrex leg cramps, headaches
    bloating, constipation,body pain, leg cramps, swelling of mouth, headaches, sleeplessness
    Casmeira- over a year ago - in Celebrex
  6. link Satisfied
    Celebrex outrageous price, medicine cabinet, spinal injuries, experience difficulty, fibromyalgia
    I have severe Fibromyalgia, as well as several spinal injuries. I have been taking Celebrex for six years now, and have experienced none of the problems described in the side-effects sheet provided with it from the pharmacy. It relieves my pain for s - 83% more...
    Satisfied- over a year ago - in Celebrex
  7. link Sunigrl3
    my mom is so sick
    mom hips ,back every part of her body is aching especially her stomach,she sleeps all day,her stomach stays upset and severe pain in her stomach shes loses 3 or more pounds a week could it be the celebrex
    Sunigrl3- over a year ago - in Celebrex
  8. link Farsat1976
    duration of therapy
    what time duration you can take celebrex ?
    Farsat1976- over a year ago - in Celebrex
  9. link Aaralx3
    lost my babyand pobably had strep during a new job,but couldn't miss any
    My question is I lost my baby on August 25th and I had a rare case of strep. I had bumps from my hips to my ankles and on my feet.The pain and itching can be unbearable. Should I ask for pain medacine or just deal with it and hope it goes away. I hav - 57% more...
    Aaralx3- over a year ago - in Celebrex
  10. link Gayledh
    Celebrex severe stomach pain, blood clot, hernia operation, umbilical hernia, broke loose
    severe stomach pain blood clot in stomach umbilical hernia operation when blood clot broke loose
    Gayledh- over a year ago - in Celebrex
  11. link Rvandro
    Celebrex medical hx, family hx, tennis elbow, otc over the counter, heart disease
    My side effect: NONE I having been taking 200mg once a day and found it to be the best thing I have tried for back pain since a fall at work & tennis elbow. I would not be able to function without it. Depending on what dose you are on & what - 58% more...
    Rvandro- over a year ago - in Celebrex
  12. link Mercedes.m.molina
    Celebrex difficulty in swallowing, sore throat
    Major swelling in my throat. Severe sore throat. Difficulty in swallowing.
    Mercedes.m.molina- over a year ago - in Celebrex
  13. link Ladytgem
    Celebrex remission, stressful situation, bextra, fibromyalgia, vioxx
    I have had fibromyalgia for 17 years. I was in remission (symptom free) for about 10 years but a very stressful situation brought me out of remission and I began experiencing joint weakness and pain. My doctor recommended Celebrex. For the last sever - 58% more...
    Ladytgem- over a year ago - in Celebrex
  14. link Traveljones
    Celebrex shortness of breath, energy level, vioxx
    I experienced shortness of breath and becoming very easily tired, even exhausted. quit taking it when the vioxx news came out about 3 weeks ago, and am happy to say my breath and energy level seem to be returning to normal.
    Traveljones- over a year ago - in Celebrex
  15. link Baby_bumblebee2
    Celebrex abdominal pain, hair loss, headaches
    I've been takin celebrex for about a month. i've been noticing lots of gas, abdominal pain, HAIR LOSS, =( headaches. I'm only 18.
    Baby_bumblebee2- over a year ago - in Celebrex
  16. link Windyi1
    Celebrex stomach pain, water retention
    Major water retention ..... stomach pain
    Windyi1- over a year ago - in Celebrex
  17. link Leel521
    Celebrex mood swings, severe stomach pain, rectal bleeding, insomnia
    severe stomach pain, intestinal and rectal bleeding, insomnia, mood swings
    Leel521- over a year ago - in Celebrex
  18. link Bad_n_naughty_boi
    Celebrex grandmother, hip surgery, bredesen, giselle, medication
    I never took the drug but I do know someone very close to me who did, my grandmother. Celebrex ended up killing her a week and a half after being on it. My grandmother was perfectly healthy except for the fact that she needed hip surgery. So I advise - 51% more...
    Bad_n_naughty_boi- over a year ago - in Celebrex
  19. link Nodredroc
    Celebrex stomach pain, water retention, arthritic
    Major water retention ..... stomach pain ... But Celebrex was effective in relieving pain to arthritic joint
    Nodredroc- over a year ago - in Celebrex
  20. link Joy60health
    Does celebrex have sodium in it? If so will it help to retain fluid. In fact do most medications have sodium in it?
    Joy60health- over a year ago - in Celebrex
  21. link Reneexnae
    Celebrex full time job, negative side effects, stomach pain, change in mood
    I have felt a few negative side effects since taking celebrex, such side effects are: stomach pain change in mood (BIG CHANGE) These are too major effects and I had to stop taking it to be able to function day to day since I do have a full-time job.
    Reneexnae- over a year ago - in Celebrex
  22. link Fppima
    Celebrex sleep apnea, sleep disorder, have been unable, rectal bleeding, migraines
    rectal bleeding which within one week had tba which has lead me to have severe migraines that travel and causes other problems; such as sleep disorder, sleep apnea, seizures, etc. also devloped major gastrological problems. at this current time my di - 41% more...
    Fppima- over a year ago - in Celebrex
  23. link Felinefrenz
    Felinefrenz- over a year ago - in Celebrex
  24. link Marianne.garrett
    I have been told that using celebrex on a continual basis would cause damage to the liver. Is this a true statement?
    Marianne.garrett- over a year ago - in Celebrex
  25. link Dom
    Celebrex stomach pain
    stomach pain
    Dom- over a year ago - in Celebrex