Campho-phenique is an antiseptic, local anaesthetic, germicide and parasiticide. It is also non-irritant, non-poisonous, insoluble in water or glycerine, does not discolor or stain, and possesses an agreeable odor and taste. It prevents suppuration in fresh wounds, controls it in wounds in all stages, and as a local anaesthetic obtunds pain. It is claimed that campho-phenique, pure, is equal to 1 to 85 of bichloride of mercury which is six times as strong as it can be used even on the unbroken skin, and about 25 times as strong as is considered safe on cut surfaces. Campho-phenique is altogether free from toxic or caustic properties, and is one of the safest of germicides; it also maintains an unchanged integrity, and is well adapted to a large proportion of pathological dental cases. It should never be combined with water or glycerin, but it will mix in all proportions with alcohol, ether, chloroform, and all fatty substances.

Employed as an antiseptic, it penetrates the tissues as rapidly as carbolic acid, and also slightly hardens them.


Campho-phenique Discussions

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