Caltrate Plus is a calcium dietary supplement. As well as calcium carbonate it contains vitamin D to help increase calcium absorption, magnesium to help maintain strong bones, zinc and copper manganese for skeletal development and boron to help the body use the calcium.

Caltrate Plus is typically used by diarrhea-predominant IBS sufferers. If you are constipation-predominant then magnesium would be more appropriate.


Caltrate Plus Discussions

  1. link Sthanas
    Aspirin in Caltrate?
    Is there any aspirin in Caltrate? I bought a bottle in China when I ran out of my calcium tablets but can't take aspirin since I am on Coumadin.
    Sthanas- over a year ago - in Caltrate Plus
  2. link Jan9
    sodium content in caltrate
    How many milligrams of sodium are contained in a 600-D Plus tablet?
    Jan9- over a year ago - in Caltrate Plus
  3. link Rosiern
    Caltrate Plus kidney function, caltrate, rolaids, adrenal gland, calcium
    I took one Caltrate Plus and I got flushed and BP went from 130 to 180...Had to take a fast acting med to lower my BP...I have taken Rolaids with calc - 44% more...
    Rosiern- over a year ago - in Caltrate Plus
  4. link Ep23
    Low Iodine Diet
    Is Caltrate OK to take when you are on a low iodine diet?
    Ep23- over a year ago - in Caltrate Plus
  5. link Seanuel_joash
    caltrate 600 plus during pregnancy
    I am now 6 mos pregnant. how many caltrate 600 plus needed to meet the daily requirement of calcium for pregnant women? Is there any side effects for - 12% more...
    Seanuel_joash- over a year ago - in Caltrate Plus
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