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  1. link Shrtkak1
    Bee Sting Side effect
    I was on Byetta for 45 days and towards day 38 I developed small red, hot to the touch, bee sting spots at the injection site where I had been giving - 44% more...
    Shrtkak1- over a year ago - in Byetta
  2. link Sylvia6431
    Byetta thick hair, hair loss
    I am a 56 year old female. I was on Byetta since 2005 with no problems until 2009; my hair started thining out. I had beautiful thick hair. I am no lo - 48% more...
    Sylvia6431- over a year ago - in Byetta
  3. link Austinrh
    Byetta discontinue useage
    What can I expect as an effect when I stop taking 10mg Byetta on a regular basis? Are there any side effects to watch for?
    Austinrh- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Byetta
  4. link Nonamegeneric
    Byetta nausea and diarrhea, abdominal pain, compulsion, cravings, appetite
    At 5mg, the usual and expected side effects of nausea and diarrhea, which were worse if eating carbs. Those side effects were not that bad, and I lost - 80% more...
    Nonamegeneric- over a year ago - in Byetta
  5. link Laffhard
    Byetta one of the lucky ones, mild headaches, best of luck, joint pain, appetite
    Although I experienced some mild headaches and sever joint pain for a few days, I am over all very happy with my treatment. As with all medications, t - 68% more...
    Laffhard- over a year ago - in Byetta
  6. link Partialperson
    Byetta intermittent headaches, mild stomach, stomach discomfort, blurry vision, stomach soreness
    Summary of Side Effects: subcutaneous stomach soreness, temporary blurry vision (for 10 minutes after injection), intermittent headache, moderate to s - 83% more...
    Partialperson- over a year ago - in Byetta
  7. link Georgiajoe1
    byetta expiration date
    I have read that you are to discard byetta after 30 days. Why? Is it not good until the expiration date on the pen? Due to the schedule I work, I keep - 43% more...
    Georgiajoe1- over a year ago - in Byetta
  8. link Alanthepipeman
    mr alan myerthall
    I have been on insulin and slow release metformin for 10 years, which resulted in me gaining 4 stone in weight. 3 weeks ago I came off it and on to By - 79% more...
    Alanthepipeman- over a year ago - in Byetta
  9. link Barbgonzalez
    Byetta dizzyness, type 2 diabetes, vomiting, fatigue, kidney
    I was diagnosed with cancer of the Kidney and subsequently had it removed; this was after I had been taking Byetta. During the course of injecting the - 60% more...
    Barbgonzalez- over a year ago - 8 Replies - in Byetta
  10. link Carlrice
    Byetta and the Veterans Admin Med Ctrs/
    I am a 100% disabled American Combat Marine, I was chemically poisoned in Viet Nam by agent orange consequently I have Diabetes type11 and peripheral - 86% more...
    Carlrice- over a year ago - in Byetta
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