Burow’s Solution is a solution of Aluminium Acetate in Water used for the treatment of skin irritations and infections. In the case known to me we are using a 1 in 20 Solution (50 ml in a litre of Tap Water) as directed by our Skin Specialist. This is to treat “Infected Exzema”. The Al. Acetate is titled “Aluminium Acetate Solution A.P.F.” & is a Pharmaceutical Raw Material obtained on Prescription from Pharmacies. The Specialist stated dissolving it in “tap water is fine”

A modified form of Burow’s solution is also marketed by Bayer under the name Domeboro. It comes tablets which are dissolved in water. The concentration depends on the number of tablets used per 12 ounces of water. To prepare the solution, dissolve the powder in hot (boiling) water and allow to cool. Use as a soak or apply to the area using gauze washcloth or compress. Works great on poison ivy!

Source: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_you_prepare_Burow%27s_solution

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  1. link David17
    many years ago perfect for sprains and other pains
    I would like to buy some can you tell me where to get it
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    burow's solution
    what is the contraindication for burow's solution
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    ingested by dog
    Is it dangerous for my 1yr 4mth old Golden Retriever who ate the lid and may have drank the solution?
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    where to get it at
    where can i found it burrows solution at
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    Home made Burrows solution
    \my vet told me we could make this easily but I forget the ingredients. I thought it contained hydrogen peroxide and mineral oil.....what else?
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    Can this solution clear-up a yeast infection in a dogs ear?
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    i need help!
    my 2yr old daughter has severe atopical eczema and was seen by her dermatologist today. he told me to ask the pharmacy for burrows solution and when i - 48% more...
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    application of solution
    Do you use burrows solution full strength or do you dilute it?
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    Burrows Solution
    I have a prescription from my doctor for Burrows Solution, but I am having trouble finding it. I have an uncerated Varicose vain on my lower right leg - 53% more...
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    drying up sores
    can you use borrow's solution to dry herpes lesions.and where can you get it.
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