Benzonatate or 2,5,8,11,14,17,20,23,26-nonaoxaoctacosan-28-yl para-butylaminobenzoate is a non-narcotic oral antitussive (cough suppressant) with effects that last from 6 to 8 hours. Being non-narcotic, benzonatate is not prone to abuse like some other cough medications such as codeine or dextromethorphan. Benzonatate was approved by the FDA in 1958.


Benzonatate Discussions

  1. link Ryl
    I had a blackout
    After 4 hours of taking a pill (the 2nd pill) at 8 am, I went on ice skating at lunch time at 12 pm, I had my first blackout of life at 12:35 pm after - 63% more...
    Ryl- over a year ago - in Benzonatate
  2. link Melrbrown25
    benonatate side effect?
    I swallowed 1 benzonatate 200mg capsule an hour and a half ago and I have had a funny taste in my mouth for about 30 minutes now. It's sort of a chemi - 43% more...
    Melrbrown25- over a year ago - in Benzonatate
  3. link Planetbubbles
    Benxonatate vrs Dextromethorphan
    I have a script for Benzonatate, but ran out before I got in touch with my doc. I read it's not a narcodic like Dextromethorphan. So then why can I bu - 81% more...
    Planetbubbles- over a year ago - in Benzonatate
  4. link Wheatstreet
    Benzonatate Side Effects
    I noticed that when I was using this medication, my stool was brown and foul-smelling. Whenever I needed to urinate, I noticed that I was producing a - 78% more...
    Wheatstreet- over a year ago - in Benzonatate
  5. link Pennypincher
    Benzonatate heart palpitations, panic attack, night time, seperate, bronchitis
    This medicine made me extremely jittery and nervous. I had a panic attack and heart palpitations on it which were scary. I think it may have been beca - 65% more...
    Pennypincher- over a year ago - in Benzonatate
  6. link Kseiffert81854
    Benzonatate stools
    blackish stools
    Kseiffert81854- over a year ago - in Benzonatate
  7. link Jdozier174
    Benzonatate medication
    I'm not sure, but I would like to know what side effects come with this medication, as my stool has been black and I'm trying to see if it's from the - 13% more...
    Jdozier174- over a year ago - in Benzonatate
  8. link Sylvesterezell
    About Benzonatate?
    I would like to know about Benzonatate.
    Sylvesterezell- over a year ago - in Benzonatate
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