Benzocaine is a local anesthetic commonly used as a topical pain reliever. It is the active ingredient in many over-the-counter anesthetic ointments (e.g. products for oral ulcers of Anbesol by Wyeth, Kank+a by Blistex, Orabase B and Orajel by Del Pharmaceuticals, and Ultracare by Ultradent). It is also combined with antipyrine to form A/B Otic Drops, (Brand name Auralgan) to relieve earpain and remove cerumen.


Benzocaine Discussions

  1. link S11r7m
    Benzocaine and a Drug Test
    Would large amounts of Benzocaine cause a positive cocaine result on a preliminary Drug Test?
    S11r7m- over a year ago - in Benzocaine
  2. link 7796anthony
    Benzocaine Injection
    What would be the effects of injecting Anbesol (benzocaine 20%) into the shoulder IM (10cc's)?
    7796anthony- over a year ago - in Benzocaine
  3. link Jateenrajula
    what is Benzocaine? and how it's working?
    Jateenrajula- over a year ago - in Benzocaine
  4. link Delali
    how the heck do you purify benzocaine. I prepared a sample from para-aminobenzoic acid and absolute ethanol with sulphuric acid as a catalyst. I expec - 59% more...
    Delali- over a year ago - in Benzocaine
  5. link Fafd
    My head became very itchy, and then my feet exploded.
    Fafd- over a year ago - in Benzocaine
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