Benadryl Side Effects

Side effects and experiences with Benadryl by users like you. Post Yours Now.
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  2. link Whoever2007
    Benadryl taking drugs, cigerettes, cheetos, seizure, mornin
    Abusing Bedadryl is like taking drugs..VERY DANGEROUS..... a girl in our town Overdosed on it and started eating cigerettes because she had mistaken them as cheetos....She was rushed to emergency room after she had a seizure in the gym of her school
    Whoever2007- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Benadryl
  3. link Chris_757
    dat bitch wuz juss dumb and cant handle her drugs i popped 40 benydril dis mornin and im ok
    Chris_757- over a year ago
  4. link Guest204
    Benadryl skin rashes, skin rash, generic brand, hives, benadryl
    My wife was taking a generic brand of benadryl (from CVS). After a couple of weeks she was breaking out in a skin rash covering 20% of her body and also tightening of the throat. The development of skin rashes and hives prompted her to take more Bena - 43% more...
    Guest204- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Benadryl
  5. link Pl000
    She's allergic to benadryl.
    Pl000- over a year ago
  6. link Sduser
    Benadryl kidney problems, topamax, drinking water, sleep
    I took Benadryl for over a year with my topamax (for migraines). The doctor said it was ok so I continued and got a good nights sleep. A few weeks ago I got up and went to the bathroom. My urine was cloudy and smelled terrible. I started drinking wat - 58% more...
    Sduser- over a year ago - in Benadryl
  7. link Deborah456
    seizure meds
    i take keppra is it safe to take benadryl when i can't sleep Thanks, D.
    Deborah456- over a year ago - in Benadryl
  8. link Stormygeorge
    Benadryl liver problems, coincidence, anxiety, liver enzyme elevations, prozac type
    has anyone started experiencing liver problems? I have been taking Benadryl frequently (for anxiety) and now have these problems. Is it a coincidence? Stormy Georgel
    Stormygeorge- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Benadryl
  9. link Dte
    I have been taking benadryl for many years for aniexty. it may be the placebo effect but never the less it has got me through some rough terrain. just 25mg up to 3 times a day seems to cut the edge enough to let me function well. I have never taken b - 55% more...
    Dte- over a year ago
  10. link Davisjw26
    Benadryl kidney problems, insomnia
    I have used Benadryl long term to help with insomnia.I am having kidney problems. has anyone else had this?
    Davisjw26- over a year ago - in Benadryl
  11. link Colleengreen3
    Benadryl donot, half hour
    I take Benadryl at night because of drainage, about an half hour after I take it my throat feels like it is swelling shut. I donot plan on taking it again.
    Colleengreen3- over a year ago - in Benadryl
  12. link Sbrimer42
    are there gland side effects to taking this drug
    Sbrimer42- over a year ago - in Benadryl
  13. link Vicnentfl
    Benadryl miserable experience, heartbeat
    Monday, May 22, 2006 After taking a generic Benadryl to sleep, awoke four hours later with raising heartbeat and had to go to the emergency room where I was given a shot of a relaxer to slow it down.... Miserable experience
    Vicnentfl- over a year ago - in Benadryl
  14. link Jewels3188
    Benadryl alittle, hives
    i was given benadryl pills by my doctor after getting hives but i notice when i take it i am soooooo tyred alittle dizzy and i notice that my skin in some places feels like its burning... anyone else gets this?
    Jewels3188- over a year ago - in Benadryl
  15. link Sargent122329
    Benadryl mg capsules, benedryl
    The only side effects of taking two 50 mg capsules of Benedryl for sleeping is that of feeling a bit tired the following A.M.
    Sargent122329- over a year ago - in Benadryl
  16. link Sexxiii
    Benadryl nope
    Sexxiii- over a year ago - in Benadryl
  17. link Beautifulbeautylove
    Benadryl wasnt even, waz, cuz
    wow i took benadryl and i waz out like a lite it wasnt even funny how far out i was man dont i think ill keep taking it cuz i like the hi feeling
    Beautifulbeautylove- over a year ago - in Benadryl
  18. link Jks7689
    Benadryl medications, medication
    I have been taking Benadryl for about a week now. The first day wasn't bad but as I continued to take this medication I became more and more restless the next day. I would explode at the least little thing becoming extremely agitated and restless. I - 41% more...
    Jks7689- over a year ago - in Benadryl
  19. link Lvtwirl
    I benadryl addictive when you are using it as a sleep aid? What are the possible side effects?
    Lvtwirl- over a year ago - in Benadryl
  20. link Lgathers1976
    I took benadryl and am extremely tired for a couple of weeks. I am not going to take it again.
    Lgathers1976- over a year ago - in Benadryl
  21. link Dem_shay
    Benadryl ness
    it makes me relaxed and its cozyness and drowsy ness makes it all worth taking.Take two together its the best! if u would like to comment me on me remark email me !!
    Dem_shay- over a year ago - in Benadryl
  22. link Bigbootimomma
    Benadryl concerta, adhd
    Only good things to say I take Benadryl to sleep at night because I take concerta for my ADHD and it doesn't wear off quickly so it has the effect of me being tired which is what it is prescribed for me...
    Bigbootimomma- over a year ago - in Benadryl
  23. link Dnsharp
    Benadryl blood transfusion, restless legs, nurse, experiences
    benadryl in IV with blood transfusion left me with extremely restless legs. it was a miserable feeling. I believe that double the usual orescribed amount was given while nurse was "cutting up". Previous experiences left the same result but - 7% more...
    Dnsharp- over a year ago - in Benadryl
  24. link Peterhand
    Benadryl itchy hands and feet, hands and feet
    itchy hands and feet
    Peterhand- over a year ago - in Benadryl
  25. link Rxgal
    i take iv benaadryl and i experience tightening of the throat every time it is injected.
    Rxgal- over a year ago - in Benadryl