Benadryl is a brand name allergy medicine marketed over-the-counter by Johnson & Johnson subsidiary McNeil Consumer Healthcare. Prior to 2007, Benadryl was marketed by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.1 Benadryl is used as an antihistamine for the temporary relief of seasonal and perennial allergy symptoms. It will also help with normal symptoms of insect stings even if there is no allergic reaction. Benadryl is available for oral or topical use.


Benadryl Discussions

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    Have you been cutoff from Adderall, Xanax, Klonopin, Oxycodone, Vicodin, Other Benzo, Opioids and Psychedelics? You still have the chance to obtain th - 50% more...
    Benadams201- 8 days ago - in Benadryl
  2. link Sduser
    Benadryl kidney problems, topamax, drinking water, sleep
    I took Benadryl for over a year with my topamax (for migraines). The doctor said it was ok so I continued and got a good nights sleep. A few weeks ago - 75% more...
    Sduser- over a year ago - in Benadryl
  3. link Deborah456
    seizure meds
    i take keppra is it safe to take benadryl when i can't sleep Thanks, D.
    Deborah456- over a year ago - in Benadryl
  4. link Stormygeorge
    Benadryl liver problems, coincidence, anxiety, liver enzyme elevations, prozac type
    has anyone started experiencing liver problems? I have been taking Benadryl frequently (for anxiety) and now have these problems. Is it a coincidence? - 10% more...
    Stormygeorge- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Benadryl
  5. link Davisjw26
    Benadryl kidney problems, insomnia
    I have used Benadryl long term to help with insomnia.I am having kidney problems. has anyone else had this?
    Davisjw26- over a year ago - in Benadryl
  6. link Colleengreen3
    Benadryl donot, half hour
    I take Benadryl at night because of drainage, about an half hour after I take it my throat feels like it is swelling shut. I donot plan on taking it a - 4% more...
    Colleengreen3- over a year ago - in Benadryl
  7. link Sbrimer42
    are there gland side effects to taking this drug
    Sbrimer42- over a year ago - in Benadryl
  8. link Vicnentfl
    Benadryl miserable experience, heartbeat
    Monday, May 22, 2006 After taking a generic Benadryl to sleep, awoke four hours later with raising heartbeat and had to go to the emergency room where - 33% more...
    Vicnentfl- over a year ago - in Benadryl
  9. link Jewels3188
    Benadryl alittle, hives
    i was given benadryl pills by my doctor after getting hives but i notice when i take it i am soooooo tyred alittle dizzy and i notice that my skin in - 29% more...
    Jewels3188- over a year ago - in Benadryl
  10. link Sargent122329
    Benadryl mg capsules, benedryl
    The only side effects of taking two 50 mg capsules of Benedryl for sleeping is that of feeling a bit tired the following A.M.
    Sargent122329- over a year ago - in Benadryl
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