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  1. link Merilegs
    I am taking Baclofen because I have had pain in my upper abdomen
    I am taking Baclofen because I have had pain in my upper abdomen for months. Baclofen 20mg. taken before bedtime does help but I still have pain. I am - 28% more...
    Merilegs- over a year ago - in Baclofen
  2. link Rangiatea
    Baclofen side effect including mental effects.
    Sometimes on Baclofen esp high dose(70-90mg) I feel like I am tripping on DXM.I get visual halluciations(closed eyed) floating and flying sensations a - 65% more...
    Rangiatea- over a year ago - in Baclofen
  3. link Galaxygirl
    Baclofen burning sensation in legs, focal seizures, tension headaches, neuropothy, gait disturbance
    Took for three days for muscle spasticity, numbness, headaches and pain. Problems started with mild burning sensation in legs (where I have stroke wea - 94% more...
    Galaxygirl- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Baclofen
  4. link Frisky
    Too much baclofen-will it help you walk better
    How can you tell if your muscles are loose enough before getting too muh baclofen? Also, should your walking improve with increases of baclofen? This - 33% more...
    Frisky- over a year ago - in Baclofen
  5. link Twinsfan
    Baclofen resting heartbeat, walking up stairs, short of breath, edema, legs
    Don't know for sure, but edema in legs, 125 resting heartbeat, extremely short of breath doing simple things like walking up stairs and putting sheets - 19% more...
    Twinsfan- over a year ago - in Baclofen
  6. link Amillermandi
    other uses
    Is Baclofen good for recovering alcoholics?
    Amillermandi- over a year ago - in Baclofen
  7. link Twig27
    other uses
    I heard of people who are using this to help them with their addiction to alcohol. I am an alcoholic myself and just recently quit drinking. Would thi - 23% more...
    Twig27- over a year ago - in Baclofen
  8. link Deana319
    Baclofen extreme fatigue, liver
    started experiencing hand tics last August of 08, and extreme fatigue been taking for five years,and have never had this trouble until last year. My l - 28% more...
    Deana319- over a year ago - in Baclofen
  9. link Rachele40
    Baclofen yasmin, bla bla
    i am feeling spaced out, always tired body feels shaky can any one tell me if i stop taking will nthis stop thanks Rachele
    Rachele40- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Baclofen
  10. link Corvair16
    Baclofen odd times, mid sentence, little tv, blood work, recliner
    When I started taking it I suddenly started to fall asleep at odd times.Falling asleep in mid-sentence, when I would just sit down during the day, diz - 26% more...
    Corvair16- over a year ago - in Baclofen
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