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  1. link Goldsky
    Augmentin diarrhea
    Goldsky- over a year ago - in Augmentin
  2. link Belinda58
    Taking sugmentin
    When is the best time to take augmentin, before or after a meal, with or without food, with or without a drink.
    Belinda58- over a year ago - in Augmentin
  3. link Cleangrey111
    Augmentin massive heart attack, hernia operation, 9th august, chest pains, heart attack
    My husband was given this medication to stop any infection as he was having a hernia operation,as the doctors started the operation,my husband complai - 68% more...
    Cleangrey111- over a year ago - in Augmentin
  4. link Goodvibes
    augmentine plus 1000/62,5mg
    can this antibiotic clear chest infections
    Goodvibes- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Augmentin
  5. link Jeffa
    diarehha and augmentin
    I have been on augmentin for 5 days and have a slight case of diarrhea and I'm wondering if a simple dose of Imodium would be okay to try.
    Jeffa- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Augmentin
  6. link Catwrangler
    Swollen feet and ankles
    Has anyone ever have swollen feet when taking this drug. This drug was prescribed to me for a cat bite. The cat was wild and sick.
    Catwrangler- over a year ago - in Augmentin
  7. link Reem
    Augmentin sore breasts, cramps
    I started taking augmentin on the 14th of june, and got my period on the same day although it was due on 18th and then started augmentin again 4 days - 46% more...
    Reem- over a year ago - in Augmentin
  8. link Jacob222
    night sweating
    i have taken augmentin for sinus infection. and brochitis, and seem to be sweating alot at night is this a sign that its working or is it a side effec - 2% more...
    Jacob222- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Augmentin
  9. link Carlo
    Augmentin abcess, lower jaw, molar, tinnitus, oz
    Im not sure if there's any connection, but I took Augmentin for 7 days for an abcess in my lower jaw molar, right side. I am suffering now from tinnit - 61% more...
    Carlo- over a year ago - in Augmentin
  10. link Sunbirdbudz
    Augmentin herpes, paperwork
    exacerbation of Herpes I [Lip break-out] New Black-Box Warning on Paperwork!
    Sunbirdbudz- over a year ago - in Augmentin
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