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  1. link Noi
    asthma of my father
    i am looking for a medication for asthma of my father , he is 75 year old now. i want to know about a medicil tablet or some cupsoon and other. please tell me some thing about that. thank you...
    Noi- over a year ago - in Asthma
  2. link Efagerstrom
    You get what you pay for...
    Low cost solutions to ones asthma related discomfort cannot, by definition, bring about solutions with the high quality ingredients necessary to battle the issues related to asthma (or any other medical condition). And, of course, low cost is relativ - 85% more...
    Efagerstrom- over a year ago - in Asthma
  3. link Lanakitty
    asthma meds
    what can i take for my asthma that doesn't give me thrush?
    Lanakitty- over a year ago - in Asthma
  4. link Jimlight1
    breathing problem
    I occasionally have something that makes breathing very difficult. It feels like there is a film or somethig lodged in my throat when this occurs. I do have allergy problemswhich makes me very congested. Does this sound like asthma or emphysema? I do - 31% more...
    Jimlight1- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Asthma
  5. link Princessmary3000
    Wile doing a test with a breathing machine it felt like someone was holding my through when I inhaled. I found out I may have vocal cord dysfunction (VCD), which means my throat closes instead of opens when I inhale. I never would have suspected it. - 44% more...
    Princessmary3000- over a year ago