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  1. link Rgarcia278
    U.S. equivalent of the Mexican medication
    I am looking for the U.S. equivalent of the German Mfd product sold in Mexico as Bayer, ASPIRINA Protect, 100mg of Acido Acetilsalicilico. Can you hel - 2% more...
    Rgarcia278- over a year ago - in Aspirin
  2. link Maureenelyse
    Aspirin liver, codeine, arthritis
    I have arthritis and have been taking aspirin for 15 years almost every day. Is aspirin harmful to the liver? I also take codeine, any liver side effe - 9% more...
    Maureenelyse- over a year ago - in Aspirin
  3. link Mandymae2345
    Aspirin and Ibuprofen
    Is it ok to take an aspirin a day as well as an iburprofen?
    Mandymae2345- over a year ago - in Aspirin
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