Aspercreme Side Effects

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  1. link Marlys
    New roll-on
    This stuff burned so bad, I had to try and wash it off. There is no warning on the label so I thought it would be like regular Aspercreme which I love and have to use almost everynight for sciatic pain and arthritis. I don't know how anyone can stand - 29% more...
    Marlys- over a year ago - in Aspercreme
  2. link Redding1
    Woke up burning day after, is this normal?
    Redding1- over a year ago - in Aspercreme
  3. link Jrkms
    Use after Total Knee Replacement
    I had total knee replacement last week. I am not supposed to be using any asprin. Does Aspercreme contain asprin or an ingredient that might interfere with blood clotting? I have used it a couple of times on the leg that had surgery, but not on the s - 12% more...
    Jrkms- over a year ago - in Aspercreme