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  1. link N75025
    Aricept gastrointestinal upsets, loss of appetite, last two months, gastrointestinal, memory
    After a year and 8 months on 10 mg. of Aricept for AD, my mother's loss of appetite became so severe she almost refused to eat and experienced frequent gastrointestinal upsets. After stopping Aricept about 2 months ago, her appetite improves and the - 37% more...
    N75025- over a year ago - in Aricept
  2. link Cyndy123
    Aricept clonopin, cymbalta, parkinson symptoms, elavil, emergency room
    I was scribed aricept for a mild nuerocognitive disorder. The second day I was on it I has seizure like symptoms. I stopped for a day and the symptoms got better. I took it again for one night and the seizures came back. I went to the emergency room - 64% more...
    Cyndy123- over a year ago - in Aricept
  3. link Lindaburnheimer
    Aricept loss of appetite, nerves, weight loss, sleep, heart
    Vivid Nightmares, I wake crying and shaking I haven't slept a nights sleep since I started taking it. Loss of appetite, weight loss of course, nerves are shot and of course I am agitated all the time. My nightmares are all bad and gruesome. I am a ve - 53% more...
    Lindaburnheimer- over a year ago - in Aricept
  4. link Janicecon
    missed doses
    My father missed nine doses of 10mg aricept and is restarting. Is it safe to restart?
    Janicecon- over a year ago - in Aricept
  5. link Imanana
    Aricept new med, aricept, dad, drugs
    shaking, sweats
    Imanana- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Aricept
  6. link Imanana
    I posted these symptoms of aricept, my dad has been taking for over 2 years now. We his kids do not believe he has alzihemiers at all. He is soon to be 82. He is also now taking a new med for alziheimers I forgot the name begins with an N. I am wonde - 39% more...
    Imanana- over a year ago
  7. link Sherridpurvis
    My father has only been taking aricept for a little over a week. Last night he woke up trying to figure out where he was a how to get out of a house that he has lived in for 46 years. Has anyone else experienced this kind of behavior after a family m - 35% more...
    Sherridpurvis- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Aricept
  8. link Tiakat1
    i have been taking aricept for about a year i am only 37 yrs old. at first it was like a miracle drug that gave me my life back, but after being on it for some time now it seems like the confusion and thought process is diminishing again. i have gott - 61% more...
    Tiakat1- over a year ago
  9. link Judyj
    Aricept bronchi, breathing problems, shame, sorry for your loss, aricept
    My husband had breathing problems and mucous build up in bronchi. He died while taking Aricept.
    Judyj- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Aricept
  10. link Judyj
    I looked up the side-effects of Aricept and found that it can cause death especially if the pulmonary muscles has lost their strength. His had. His doctor had not seen him for almost 2 years, yet he prescribed it sight-unseen and sent it to the assis - 35% more...
    Judyj- over a year ago
  11. link Kasesa468
    I am so sorry for your loss. there should be more research done on these medications!..shame on them!..
    Kasesa468- over a year ago
  12. link Sherridpurvis
    Aricept defeat the purpose, gradually
    My father has only been on aricept for a short time, only about a week. Last night he woke up trying to figure out where he was and how to get out of a house that he has lived in for 46 years. Is this a normal side effect of aricept and if so, doesn' - 41% more...
    Sherridpurvis- over a year ago - in Aricept
  13. link Jscribner
    Aricept blood pressure medication
    My mother has been taking Aricept for approximately 6 months and has been having nightmares about her children being dead or being abused. This has started since she started taking Aricept. Will this drug mixed with blood pressure medication cause th - 2% more...
    Jscribner- over a year ago - in Aricept
  14. link Hop
    Aricept gingko
    I was on it for about 6 months---did not want to be----doctor and family chewed on me if I did not constantly 4 days ago another doc said stop taking it I am sleeping better And I think my head is more clear----I took Gingko which every one frowned o - 9% more...
    Hop- over a year ago - in Aricept
  15. link Nadnbob
    Aricept long term side effect
    In dec 2003, I had a noctural epileptic siezure and had two more since. I was 62 years old then. To my knowledge I am not aware of any history of siezures or any major convultions before. I dont remember ever loosing concience before either. Two year - 63% more...
    Nadnbob- over a year ago - in Aricept
  16. link Jj0147
    My directions say to take at bedtime, but then i can't sleep. Is this correct? Do you take them at bedtime?
    Jj0147- over a year ago - in Aricept
  17. link Zynobia
    Aricept rapid rate, remeron, effexor, combination, drugs
    My mother is taking aricept, effexor and remeron as prescribed.....her confusion and memory lost seems to be increasing at a more rapid rate. Could this be due to the combination of drugs? Should aricept be combined with two anti-depressants?
    Zynobia- over a year ago - in Aricept
  18. link Theresa.dazey
    Aricept night sweats, medication
    My father is 76 yrs. old and is taking aricept. Is night sweats associated with taking this medication?
    Theresa.dazey- over a year ago - in Aricept
  19. link Wprice6427
    Aricept frequent urination, bladder infection, bloodwork, mom
    my mom has been on aricept 5 mg for a year and is having frequent urination. it is getting worse and we have ruled out a bladder infection and her bloodwork was normal. is this common after being on it this long?
    Wprice6427- over a year ago - in Aricept
  20. link Paulette.harrison
    My mother is 93 yrs. old, She started to take the drug aricept & was having nightmares. Could you explain why?
    Paulette.harrison- over a year ago - in Aricept