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  1. link Johnwann
    Relief For Arachnoid Cyst
    Hello, I have an arachnoid cyst on the left temporal lobe on my brain. I hav head aches and seizure like episodes. My seizures aren't epilictic or neurological and the neurologist won't do nothing for me like drain the cyst because he said I'm not ha - 72% more...
    Johnwann- over a year ago - in Arachnoiditis
  2. link Ttaylor
    Arachnoiditis from one botched Kenalog injection
    January 2007 I had an epidural steroid injection with Kenalog go completely wrong. The doctor placed the needle in too far and punctured the dura. Instead of aborting the procedure, he did the Kenalog injection directly in to my subdural space. I had - 83% more...
    Ttaylor- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Arachnoiditis
  3. link Ttaylor
    Thanks. I hope it works out the way it should.
    Ttaylor- over a year ago
  4. link Maroon
    Maroon- over a year ago