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  1. link Sillie_lil_lady
    Apri stress and hair loss, dime nickel, taking the pills, dime size, first few days
    I was on Apri for exactly a week. The first few days, I notice my scalp was burning and itching badly, but didn't had a clue what was going on. Exactl - 80% more...
    Sillie_lil_lady- over a year ago - in Apri
  2. link Spacegirl19
    Apri tri sprintec, full bladder, boobs
    I am tired, nausea, sore boobs, extremely hungry all the time, and I have to go to the bathroom often because I always feel like I have a full bladder - 29% more...
    Spacegirl19- over a year ago - in Apri
  3. link Madmom
    Apri not good
    I started my daughter on Apri in May of 2004 to help extreme period cramps & cysts building up and causing pain. During that time she developed se - 74% more...
    Madmom- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Apri
  4. link Lolapotter
    Can't sleep.
    Lolapotter- over a year ago - in Apri
  5. link Sstiles
    Apri vaginal area
    I got clear bumps on my outer vaginal area two weeks after taking Apri., my friend also had them after starting Apri.
    Sstiles- over a year ago - in Apri
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