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  1. link Artur
    Altace treatment of hypertension, heart failure, diarrhea, hypertension, depression
    Generic Altace is a drug which is used for the treatment of hypertension, heart failure. I heard and used generic altace 1.25mg recommended by consult - 39% more...
    Artur- over a year ago - in Altace
  2. link Murph08
    Altace symptoms
    I am wishing to get off ramipril 10mg as the constant pain that moves from my left arm and chest, up to my jaw and then down to my sides and dodgy rig - 60% more...
    Murph08- over a year ago - in Altace
  3. link Msagent99
    Altace ringing in the ears, cramps, dizziness, depression
    I have been taking Altace for several yrs. 5mgs. Has anyone experienced popping and then immediate ringing in the ears?. also, dizziness and depressio - 31% more...
    Msagent99- over a year ago - in Altace
  4. link Emt8283
    Altace and Drug Interactions
    Is there any problem with taking Altace and Zyrtec or cold medication such as pseudoephedrine?
    Emt8283- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Altace
  5. link Mattdillon
    Altace throat closing, toprol xl, cold feet, trial and error, cough
    been taking Altace for about 1 year. never experience the terribl3e cough i hear so much about. however do have the following with a 2.5mg. feeling of - 68% more...
    Mattdillon- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Altace
  6. link Pelfreyl
    Altace municipal golf course, sting, wasp stings, epipen, lower abdominal cramps
    I was on Altace even though I am allergic to grey-paper-nest-building brown wasp stings and had read a side effect of people undergoing allergy therap - 96% more...
    Pelfreyl- over a year ago - in Altace
  7. link Barbara_smith111
    Altace chocking, cough
    Severe fits of chocking cough.
    Barbara_smith111- over a year ago - in Altace
  8. link Yankee_snider
    Altace blood pressure medications, unable to sleep, ask doctor, blood sugar, chest pain
    sever hypertension and sever dizzyness throat swelling up chest pain fatigue in arms and leggs unable to sleep panic attacks and weight loss due to no - 51% more...
    Yankee_snider- over a year ago - in Altace
  9. link Pganderson2006
    Altace hornie
    Pganderson2006- over a year ago - in Altace
  10. link Danakbooth
    Altace left ear, altace, fluid retention, dry mouth, information visit
    I took altace for 2 weeks I felt dizzy,ringing in my left ear. I could hear loud noies that my husband could not i have stopped taking it.
    Danakbooth- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Altace
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