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  1. link Sbweese
    Weight Loss on Aldactone
    I have PCOS and have finally found a combination of medication that seems to be helping with my weight in addition to watching my carbs and walking mo - 70% more...
    Sbweese- over a year ago - in Aldactone
  2. link Misssara
    Aldactone distention, pcos, tiredness, headaches, medication
    I'm taking Aldactone for PCOS and was exhausted with terrible headaches for the first few months. I have taken this medication on 2 different occasion - 60% more...
    Misssara- over a year ago - in Aldactone
  3. link Valerieptown
    Aldactone excess hair growth, dizzy spells, spironalactone, hair issue, pcos
    I took aldactone (50mg / day) for a little over 6 years for the excess hair growth associated with PCOS. It did make the hair issue much better. About - 86% more...
    Valerieptown- over a year ago - in Aldactone
  4. link Sandrad
    Aldactone partial hysterectomy, cbc blood test, extreme fatigue, ovaries, weight gain
    extreme fatigue and after having a partial hysterectomy which left my ovaries I was not advised my ovaries would disappear which is what they - 61% more...
    Sandrad- over a year ago - in Aldactone
  5. link Imb
    Aldactone mild stomach, stomach cramping, facial acne, pre menopausal, headaches
    I've only been on it for just over a week, taking 25mg daily x 7 days and now !00mg daily. I am experiencing mild stomach cramping but nothing else. H - 64% more...
    Imb- over a year ago - in Aldactone
  6. link Fugitive928
    Aldactone, Birth control, and Constipation
    I had a quick questions about Spironolactone. I'm currently 20 years old and breaking out in mild acne. I was on birth control prior and realized that - 73% more...
    Fugitive928- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Aldactone
  7. link Sunshine1945
    Aldactone ovarian cysts, endocronologist, breast tissue, cyst on, ovary
    I took Aldactone for several years. Feb. 2008, my OB/GYN found a cyst on my left ovary (after I had a period at age 62). I asked to go to an endocrino - 72% more...
    Sunshine1945- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Aldactone
  8. link Zzfran
    thinning hair
    was just wondering if this drug help with thinning hair I am on a thyroid medication and I think it is making my hair thin I heard that this med can h - 2% more...
    Zzfran- over a year ago - in Aldactone
  9. link Tracywilbon
    Aldactone facial hair growth, acne, glass of wine, aldactone, slight difference
    I am interested in taking Aldactone for facial hair growth and acne. Is it worth it?
    Tracywilbon- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Aldactone
  10. link Lizz8
    Aldactone cystic acne, naproxyn, neuroleptics, mty, nsaids
    My dermatologist prescribed this for acne (Im 49 and still had cystic acne due probably to neuroleptics.) It cleared my skin, after taking for a coupl - 70% more...
    Lizz8- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Aldactone
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