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  1. link Helpmom
    Any sulfa ingredients in Alcortin?
    Hello, A dermatologist has prescribed Topical Alcortin for my mother after a diagnosis of Seborrheic Dermatitis. I was unable to go to this appointmen - 77% more...
    Helpmom- over a year ago - in Alcortin
  2. link Whatbeupwitchu
    Alcortin sensation
    Works very well. A little stinging when applied, but doesn't last very long (a few seconds at most.) After stinging, the area where applied begins to - 51% more...
    Whatbeupwitchu- over a year ago - in Alcortin
  3. link Katyinprada
    Alcortin little bit
    Works well, stings a little bit when i put it on though.
    Katyinprada- over a year ago - in Alcortin
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