Aerius Side Effects

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  1. link Helia Rodrigues
    can aerius cause lipoatrophia?
    Just recently, I noticed a groove in my left quad muscle. It looks as though my muscle has torn but with no pain. Have gone to the dr´s and he says it lipoatrophia. He´s thinks that its maybe been caused by tight fitting jeans. I think otherwise! I h - 40% more...
    Helia Rodrigues- over a year ago - in Aerius
  2. link Katitoth
    heart problems
    My mother (80Y) has high blood pressure (held at 120/ 80 by medicaments) which jumps by eating or smelling different allergenic stoff ( food additives, flowers e.t.c.) this attacks are accompanied by angina pains. She has no canonical allergic sympto - 64% more...
    Katitoth- over a year ago - in Aerius
  3. link Owen1
    How aerius affects your heart
    My son takes Aerius and had to be taken to emergency twice with heart rate of 220. Is this because of the drug?
    Owen1- over a year ago - in Aerius