Activella Side Effects

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  1. link Tresequus
    Activella leg cramps, toes, pain pills, fibromyalgia, hormone therapy
    Toes, foot and leg cramps here too !
    Tresequus- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Activella
  2. link Notary4nola
    My ankles and legs have been terribly swollen and after a few hours even the bones in my feet hurt! I had fibromyalgia - cured when I began taking hormone therapy- and this condition does not resemble fibromyalgia. After been up just two hours I want - 17% more...
    Notary4nola- over a year ago
  3. link Donnagirl
    new to activella
    How long is it normal to bleed once starting activella treatment?
    Donnagirl- over a year ago - in Activella
  4. link Jesus
    stomach problems
    Does anyone have problems with stomach when taking Activila?
    Jesus- over a year ago - in Activella
  5. link Swburnett
    Activella breast tenderness
    breast tenderness
    Swburnett- over a year ago - in Activella
  6. link Thashem
    Activella lost my breath, enternity, chocking, medication, red spots
    After almost three weeks of taking Activella, I notice red spots on both my arms. I also with no warning at all I found my self chocking, I lost my breath for what it seems to be an enternity. After this episode I notice that I was loosing my voice a - 30% more...
    Thashem- over a year ago - in Activella
  7. link Mattielou
    Activella toes
    Frequent and severe, painful cramping of toes, feet and calves, mostly at night.
    Mattielou- over a year ago - in Activella
  8. link Wolfmgmt
    Wolfmgmt- over a year ago - in Activella
  9. link C-n-dinthewoods
    C-n-dinthewoods- over a year ago - in Activella